15 Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person and Overweight Walkers in [January 2022]

Getting the best walking shoes for a heavy person is highly essential as obese persons might feel uncomfortable while walking or running long distances mainly because of their feet apparel.

Frequently, the heavyweight becomes the reason for their various feet issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Foot pain, Pressure ulcers, Stress fractures, and many others. 

To avoid these issues and make them less common in heavy persons, many high-quality shoes are just right for overweight people. So, if you also want to get a pair of shoes that can make you feel at ease with these foot pain issues due to heavyweight, I have reviewed the top 15 best walking shoes for heavy person and overweight walkers so that your feet and lower body can feel the health benefits of walking.

Want the best pick? Consider buying Propet Walker Sneakers that are famous for pain alleviation in the feet area. These shoes are best for overweight wearers because they come with 100% leather material, an easy lace closure system, a rubber sole for better support, a comfortable insole, a padded outsole, and a more comfortable fit. 

With all these features in a pair of shoes, heavy persons feel incredibly relaxed in wearing them even if they wear them for more extended periods in a day. A comfortable and relaxed walk can help overweight persons to get rid of all the feet issues. 

Now, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with our list of 15 best walking shoes for heavy persons: 

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Top Features for the Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person

While buying the best shoes for a heavy and overweight person, we suggest you consider the following things. If you think these things while purchasing the shoes, you will not go wrong with your purchase. 

Cushioning Support 

Most importantly, you should look in a pair of shoes for their cushioning support. This is because people’s weight falls to their feet, and for overweight and heavy people, this falling off weight might prove to be uncomfortable if they are not wearing the right shoes. 

When you buy shoes that are great in providing cushioning support to your feet, you will feel less likely to be overweight in foot areas. You will get extreme comfort in the feet area and will feel better at each step. 

This cushioning support also keeps your feet prevented from any injuries that you might get due to your overweight that falls directly to your feet and might cause sprains. 

Comfort in Size 

This is to say that for overweight people, it is hard to find the right size, and it makes their walk even more uncomfortable. So, we suggest you go for shoes which are perfectly fitting to your feet. 

Here’s how you can figure out the best size for you: Shoes that come with shape-fitting features are considered best for overweight and heavy walkers. They fit perfectly to your feet as they come with the quality of fitting rightly into almost all sizes of feet. 


One of the most common reasons for overweight walkers’ uncomfortable walk is the sweat and smell that arises from their feet when they wear the shoes for a longer time. To avoid this discomfort, you should consider shoes that are breathable and are air-cooled. 

This breathability and air-coolness will keep your feet feel incredibly light and fresh even when you wear your shoes for running or walking for an extended period. 

Easy Lace-Closure Feature 

One of the things that overweight shoe buyers should consider in their shoes is the easy lace-closure feature. This is because heavy people might feel uncomfortable while spending too much time wearing on and taking off their shoes even when they are already tired of walking all day

This easy lace-closure feature will help them quickly wear and take off their shoes without any additional exertion, which overweight people don’t love to do. 

These were some of the most important things that we suggest you do consider the shoes you are buying for overweight walkers. It will help you to make a more accurate and reliable decision in the longer run.

Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person Reviews

Here are my recommendations for the best walking shoes for heavy person and overweight walkers.

1. New Balance US 90 V4 – Sneakers for Overweight Walkers

New Balance US 90 V4 Sneakers - Shoes for Overweight Walkers
New Balance Men’s
New Balance US 90 V4 Sneakers - Shoes for Overweight Walkers
New Balance Women’s

Most importantly, fat guys should keep their feet extremely comfortable while walking if they want to prevent themselves from additional feet-related issues in life. These shoes by New Balance are an excellent choice for this purpose. 

  • Above all, the 50% Pigskin and 50% Mesh material makes the shoes strong and durable and protects them from all types of harsh outer conditions. 
  • Like any other best quality shoes, these also come with a rubber sole to provide you better support and a firmer grip on the floor with your heavyweight. 
  • Additionally, the shoes’ heels come with an ethylene-vinyl acetate core that adds extra comfort, strength, and durability in the shoes.
  • Then, the dual-density collar foam is famous for providing your feet with supreme comfort. 


  • Strong life
  • Durable
  • Ultra-comfortable


  • Slightly thinner in-sole

2. New Balance 1540 V3 Shoes- Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Men and Women 

New Balance Men's 1540 V3 Shoes- Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Men and Women 
New Balance Men’s 1540 V3
New Balance Women's 1540 V3 Shoes- Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Men and Women 
New Balance Women’s 1540 V3

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can bear your heavyweight and yet provides you extreme level of comfort while you are walking, running, standing, and even working for an extended period, these running shoes by New Balance is the solution. 

  • Firstly, the shoes are 50% synthetic and 50% Mesh which means they have a much longer life to support all your feet-related activities. 
  • These shoes come with premium materials and technologies that help you maintain your perfect athletic style and performance. 
  • Moreover, the shoes feature a Ground Contact EVA outsole that has rubber pods. This is to increase the comfort level under your feet so that you can feel better and relaxed even after long walks and running. 
  • Additionally, the upper of the shoes are breathable and highly supportive. Its lightweight and breathability make your feet extraordinarily fresh and relaxed. 
  • Then, to take your comfort to the next level, these shoes also have an exclusively comfortable cushioned forefoot pad that maintains comfort in the toe area. 
  • Finally, these shows are most commonly known for their perfectness in providing you extremely level of comfort for all-day wear. 


  • Long-living
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Powerful performance


  • Design is not so attractive.
  • Not water-proof

3. Saucony Guide 13 – Good Walking and Running Shoes for Obese People

Saucony Men's Guide 13 - Good Walking and Running Shoes for Obese People
Saucony Men’s Guide 13
Saucony Women's Guide 13 - Good Walking and Running Shoes for Obese People
Saucony Women’s Guide 13

You may not believe how much these shoes can add comfort to your life. Even when you are overweight, these shoes are extremely fit to support your weight and increase comfort in your walking and running activities. 

  • Most importantly, the shoes are imported and are synthetic-and-mesh, proving their authenticity in being durable and long-living.
  • Their PWRRUN cushioning provides your feet ultra-softness for as many miles of distance as you take them with you under your feet.
  • Moreover, the shoes have new medical TPU guidance that is always there to guide each step for a natural gait cycle while preserving the smoothest feel. 
  • Additionally, the boots come with a FORMFIT feature that makes the shoes perfectly fit your feet and help you own the shoes with a more made-for-me feeling for the shoes. 
  • Lastly, the shoes are incredibly lightweight, with the weight of almost 289g, which adds stability to your movements successfully. 


  • Stable movements
  • Smoother steps
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Narrow for a standard width

4. Saucony VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 – Shoes for Fat Guys

Saucony Men's VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 - Shoes for Fat Guys
Saucony Men’s Cohesion 12
Saucony Women's VERSAFOAM Cohesion 12 - Shoes for Fat Guys
Saucony Women’s Cohesion 12

Looking for amazingly comfortable shoes which are also good looking and impressive in performance, consider these shoes for ultimate satisfaction. 

  • Firstly, the shoes have a solid and best-performing rubber sole that helps your feet make a much firmer grip on the floor and get smoother and more stable movements.
  • The addition of Versafoam cushioning technology makes the shoes even more comfortable and relaxation providing, so you get another level of satisfaction while wearing the shoes. 
  • The synthetic textile material makes these shoes live for extremely long life. 
  • Moreover, the durable rubber outsole prevents these shoes from any pointed objects. This keeps your shoes free from any external damage and makes your feet protected from any injuries.
  • Then, the supportive upper lay comes to make these shoes even more comfortable to your feet from all directions. 
  • Lastly, to provide your shoes with stable cushioning and keep your feet comfortable and relaxed, the boots also have powerful GRID technology


  • Durable and long-living
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Exceptional cushioning


  • Inconsistent sizes
  • Slight lacking in support between heel and toe-box

5. Brooks Beast 16- Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Men

Brooks Beast 16- Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Men
Brooks Mens Beast ’16

All those men who are overweight and yet they need extreme comfort while they walk or do other activities for an extended period, consider wearing these shoes for once, and you’ll be a fan of them for a lifetime. 

  • Most importantly, the rubber sole of these shoes adds strength to them for bearing your heavyweight yet provides you a much firmer grip on the ground for more stabilized movements.
  • The upper of the shoes is stitched to a full-length Cushsole S-257 that provides great flexibility, cushioning, and responsiveness.
  • Then, these shoes are made with synthetic mesh material that adds much longer life to the shoes; the material is free from any wear-and-tears dangers. 
  • Finally, the shoes are imported, so they are the best in their quality, design, and performance. 


  • Synthetic
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Best for foot neuroma


  • Slightly narrow toe area

6. New Balance 928 V3 – Best Walking Shoes for Obese Men and Women


New Balance 928 V3 - Best Walking Shoes for Obese Men and Women
New Balance Men’s 928 V3
New Balance 928 V3 - Best Walking Shoes for Obese Men and Women
New Balance Women’s 928 V3

Obese people don’t have to feel disheartened over their feet discomfort issue as New Balance has solutions. New Balance introduces these shoes, especially for obese people who find it challenging walking in their shoes. 

  • Firstly, these shoes come with 100% leather that adds additional strength and life to them. 
  • Secondly, these are imported shoes and have a rubber sole that is efficient in maintaining the firmer grip for your feet to provide them many stable movements. 
  • Thirdly, the shoes also have an ABZORB cushioning feature that absorbs the impact and keeps your feet extremely comfortable for long hours of running, walking, working, or even standing. 
  • Then, the shoes are famous for their stability and support from their ROLLBAR Stability post system. It helps the shoes to control your rear-feet movements for increased support. 
  • Moreover, the shoes also have Walking Strike Path that guides your feet amazingly throughout your entire natural gait cycle. 
  • Finally, the outsole of the shoes comes with NDurance rubber outsole technology that provides exceptional durability when you wear the high-areas boots and help you get more out of these shoes. 


  • Advanced technology
  • Optimal performance
  • Durability and long life


  • Sole is a bit hard

7. Propet Walker Sneaker – Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

Propet Men's Walker Sneaker- Workout Shoes for Overweight Walkers
Propét Men’s Stability Walker
Propét Women’s Stability Walker

To get extreme stability and control in your movements, consider buying these shoes. These are incredibly great in providing you the best result with stability and control. 

  • Above all, for ultra-durability, these shoes come with 100% leather material strong enough to make them long and strong-living. 
  • Then, these shoes have a rubber sole for better support, firmer grip, and more stabilized movements. 
  • Next, the heels measure approx. 1.5 inches from the sole, so they make you feel lifted and supported better with the shoes. 
  • Finally, the shoes have a time-saving lace-closure system that helps you quickly wear your shoes and take them off when you are in a hurry or are tired from your all-day exertion. 


  • Great support
  • Stabilized movements
  • Powerful performance
  • Impressive design


  • Sizes are not perfect

8. Propet LifeWalker- Good Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

The Propet store’s shoes are excellent for all those obese persons who wish to have a more comfortable walk in their foot apparel. It comes with the following features: 

  • Most importantly, if you are a diabetic obese person, these shoes come to help you with Medicare features. 
  • The shoes are 100% leather that adds greater strength and long life to shoes to support your feet for an extended period. 
  • Additionally, the shoes have famous rubber solitude for a more robust and firmer grip and better support. 
  • Moreover, the padded collar and tongue of these shoes are perfect for providing you extreme comfort. This is because they include the built-in contoured heel stabilizer, which comes with advanced and easy dual-strap Velcro closure. 
  • The adjustable hook-and-loop closure saves much of your time and energy when you are in a hurry or exhausted while returning from outdoor activities. 
  • Finally, the EVA midsole comes with highly durable arch support that keeps your feet in the correct posture to prevent them from getting injured. 


  • Advanced technologies
  • Reliable performance
  • Impressive design
  • Great feet support


  • Slightly narrow toe area
  • Not fit for harsh weather conditions

9. New Balance 847 – Most Comfortable Shoes for Heavy Person

New Men's Balance Walking Shoes- Most Comfortable Shoes for Heavy Person
New Balance Men’s 847 V4
New Balance Women’s 847 V3

When heavy people want relaxation and comfort in their walking activities, New Balance has the solution with these walking shoes. These shoes are most famous for providing exceptional comfort to you even when you walk for an extended period. 

  • The shoes come with 50% mesh and 50% synthetic material that make them highly durable and reliable in their performance. The material also prevents them from being damaged easily. 
  • Then, the rubber sole, just like any other great shoes, provides better support for all your movements. 
  • Additionally, TRUFUSE midsole cushioning is fantastic in keeping your feet extremely comfortable. It has a combination of two different foams that are famous for delivering durability and perfect responsiveness. 
  • Also, the engineered mesh upper of the shoes provides you additional comfort and durability. 
  • Not only this, but their comfort collar prevents your feet from any type of irritation and exceptionally hugs your ankle for superior fit. 
  • Moreover, the PU Foam adds long-lasting comfort and support to all your movements. 
  • Finally, the ROLLBAR stability post system of the shoes greatly helps you control your rear-feet movement and provides you with extreme comfort. 


  • Long-living
  • ROLLBAR stability
  • Cushioning midsole


  • Slightly narrow grip

10. Orthofeet Proven Sneakers Lava – Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person 

Orthofeet Men's Proven Sneakers Lava - Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person
Orthofeet Men’s Sneakers
Orthofeet Women's Proven Sneakers Lava - Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person
Orthofeet Women’s Sneakers

When you want complete relief from all types of heel and foot pains, these shoes are best to wear for all-day. 

  • Above all, these shoes guarantee you supreme comfort with their best orthopedic shoe solution. This helps you eliminate all your feet-related issues like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, neuropathy, foot pain, or any other. 
  • These shoes have premium orthotic insoles that come with anatomical arch support that keeps your feet in the correct posture. Also, these insoles provide you Pillow-like support to ease your pain and enhance your comfort in all ay wearing. 
  • Additionally, the shoes are great with their non-binding uppers and are available in medium/wide and extra wide widths that offer your feet a perfect fit for all times. 
  • If you feel more significant stress in your joints areas, the shoes have the solution for it; they come with a unique therapeutic design that alleviates this stress and enhances stability and sustainability, helping you easily in walks. 
  • For any diabetic, neuropathic, arthritic, or persons with sensitive feet, the shoes come with extra foam padding that is highly protective in such situations. 
  • Finally, the shoes have a highly roomy toe-box area that offers you premium comfort and a non-binding fit for the parts of your feet. 


  • Best for sensitive feet
  • Provides your feet with correct posture
  • Roomy toe-box area


  • It looks like an older man’s shoes.
  • A bit expensive

11. Skechers Expert Walking Sneakers- Best Sneakers for Overweight People 

Skechers Expert Walking Sneakers- Best Sneakers for Overweight People 
Skechers Performance Men’s

Skechers Expert Walking Sneakers- Best Sneakers for Overweight People 
Skechers Performance Women’s

These shoes are best as the solution for any overweight person who is already tired of getting feet pain with their uncomfortable shoes. 

  • Firstly, the shoes are amazingly lightweight to keep your feet feel light and highly well-supported during busy walking for some activities. 
  • Then, these shoes are known for their innovative and high responsive midsole cushioning that is five gen and superb in providing your feet ultimate comfort. 
  • Next, these shoes have a breathable mesh upper that makes them air-cooled and keeps your feet free from sweat and irritation. 
  • Moreover, the shoes are highly durable and long-living mainly because of their 100% synthetic and imported manufacturing material. 
  • Additionally, the shoes come with max high rebound insole that powerfully energizes each step. 
  • Finally, the soft fabric lining makes the shoes look more attractive and impressive in design. 



  • Impressive design
  • Reliable performance
  • Provides better support for each step


  • Stretch a bit too much

12. Skechers Go Walk – Best Workout Shoes for Overweight Men and Women

Skechers Go Walk - Best Workout Shoes for Overweight Men and Women
Skechers Men’s GO Walk 5

Skechers Go Walk - Best Workout Shoes for Overweight Men and Women
Skechers Women’s GO Walk 5

Following are some most outstanding features of these shoes, making them stunning in their performance and making them the perfect choice for overweight people. 

  • Most importantly, these shoes are 100% synthetic and imported, so they live longer and are incredibly durable. 
  • Then, the rubber sole is fantastic in providing you a firmer and stronger grip. 
  • Next, the shoes are incredibly lightweight and come with ULTRAGO cushioning and high-rebound COMFORT PILLAR TECHNOLOGY that is well-known for providing ultimate comfort in walking. 
  • Moreover, the soft-textured knit mesh fabric and premium quality synthetic fabric upper make the wearers’ feet feel fresh and high light. 
  • Additionally, the shoes come with a diamond-grid design that looks perfect and goes well with all types of people. 
  • The air-cooled Goga insole provides your feet the premium comfort and relaxation. 
  • To provide the shoes with added durability, the manufacturers introduced smooth synthetic overlays at both heel and toe panels. 
  • Finally, the shoes come with a solid color design and look amazing in their soft texture finish. 


  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Reliable performance
  • Durable
  • Premium comfort


  • Confined toe-box

13. Dansko Professional – Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Walkers 

Dansko Professional - Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Walkers
Dansko Men’s Professional

Dansko Professional - Comfortable Shoes for Overweight Walkers
Dansko Women’s Professional

Dansko offers you much more features within these pair of shoes that any overweight person can wear to have a more comfortable long hours’ walk.

  • These sneakers by Dansko are imported and 100% leather, so they are robust and powerful, along with being durable and long-living. 
  • In addition to it, these shoes come with a synthetic sole for firmer grip and controlled movements. 
  • Then, the fabricated or leathered upper is known for providing additional strength to the shoes and protecting them from damage. 
  • Moreover, these shoes come with a padded instep collar to offer you extra comfort in walking by ignoring your weight. 
  • Also, their roomy reinforced toe-box provides your toes with more excellent protection by giving plenty of room for your toes. 
  • Furthermore, these shoes have a PU outsole that comes with a rocker bottom which is highly efficient in propelling your feet forward and in providing you more excellent shock absorption at each step. 
  • Finally, these Dansko shoes come with a wide heel strike that maintains the stability of the movements. 


  • Greater stability in movements
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Padded instep collar


  • Not suitable for wider feet

14. Propet Walking Shoes – Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Men

Propet Men’s Commuterlite

Besides being overweight, if you’ve got the paining feet, you can try out wearing these shoes to get rid of this issue. 

  • These shoes are 100% leather and are imported to meet all your walking needs. 
  • Their rubber sole is known best for providing you the best support with each step. 
  • Moreover, these shoes are the best diabetic shoes for all diabetic patients who need a more comfortable walk. 
  • Finally, the heel measuring up to 1 ½ and the platform measuring approximately ¾ gives you much alleviation and proper support for better movements. 


  • Supportive movements
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Firmer grip


  • Better fit for wider feet

15. Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker – Walking Shoes for Overweight Men

Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On

 It is to say that even overweight walkers can get a comfortable and smooth walk despite their excessive weight; if only they take care of wearing some comfortable pair of shoes. These shoes by Skechers are undoubtedly the best choice for an overweight walker for the following reasons: 

  • Firstly, these shoes are made with premium, quality textile and are synthetic to live longer and meet all your requirements for a comfortable walk. 
  • Then, these shoes are made with a synthetic sole, which is powerful to provide you a firmer grip on the ground. This sole effectively bears your heavyweight and gives you much controlled movements. 
  • Moreover, the shoes have a memory foam insole that comes to keep your feet in extreme comfort. The dual side elastic fabric panels keep your feet relaxed from all directions. 
  • Additionally, their shock-absorbing FlexSole prevents your feet from any jerks and bumps that might get your feet sprain. 
  • Lastly, the lightweight insole is there to make you feel light and comfortable for each step. 


  • Lightweight
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Durable


  • Sizes are not consistent

Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Persons (Quick Summary)




New Balance Men's

New Balance Men's

  • Rubber sole

  • Durable

  • Dual-density collar foam

New Balance Men's 1540 V3

PUMA Safety Men's Metro Rio SD ShoesLoafer – Factory Work Shoes

 New Balance Women's 1540 V3

  • Ground Contact EVA outsole

  • Lightweight

  • Breathable

Saucony Men's Guide 13

Saucony Women's Guide 13

  • Ultra-stable

  • Lightweight

  • FORMFIT feature

Saucony Men's Cohesion 12

Saucony Women's Cohesion 12

  • Imported

  • GRID technology

  • Supportive upper overlays

Brooks Mens Beast '16

  • Synthetic Upper

  • Rubber sole

New Balance Men's 928 V3

New Balance Women's 928 V3

  • ABZORB cushioning feature

  • ROLLBAR stability post system

  • NDurance rubber outsole

Propét Men's Stability Walker

Propét Women's Stability Walker

  • Speed-up lacing-closure system

  • Rubber sole

Propét Men's LifeWalker

 Propét Women's LifeWalker

  • Padded collar and tongue

  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure

  • EVA midsole

New Balance Men's 847 V4

 New Balance Women's 847 V3

  • Mesh upper

  • Rubber sole

  • Comfortable collar

Orthofeet Men's Sneakers

Orthofeet Women's Sneakers

  • Roomy Toe-box

  • Orthotic friendly

  • Unique therapeutic design

Skechers Performance Men's

 Skechers Performance Women's

  • Soft fabric lining

  • Durable

  • High rebound insole

Skechers Men's GO Walk 5

Skechers Women's GO Walk 5

  • Rubber sole

  • Air-cooled Goga insole

  • Soft-textured mesh fabric

Dansko Men's Professional

Dansko Women's Professional

  • Padded instep collar

  • Wide heel strike

  • Roomy toe-box

Propet Men's Commuterlite

  • Rubber sole

  • Durable

  • Durable

Skechers Men's Equalizer Persistent Slip-On

  • FlexSole

  • Memory foam insole

  • Lightweight insole

Final Thoughts about the Best Walking Shoes for Heavy Person

All the best walking shoes for heavy persons and overweight walkers mentioned in our list are extremely good for one or the other purpose. So, we suggest you have a deeper look at each of them and consider buying the one that most closely relates to your work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for obese and overweight walkers?

The shoes that are incredibly comfortable wearing that comes with better cushioning, padded insole, roomy area, and a perfect fit are considered the best shoes for obese walkers. Moreover, famous shoes for providing great foot support are also considered best for obese people.

What walking shoes do Podiatrists recommend for heavy persons?

Podiatrists are the most trusted and authentic foot and ankle specialists who take great care of your feet area’s comfort and health. Regarding the choice of shoes for heavy persons, podiatrists recommend you wearing shoes that offer you great cushioning support to avoid injuries, a reliable sole to support your movements, a padded collar and tongue for additional comfort, and the ones famous for their supreme quality and strength.

How do I choose excellent walking shoes for overweight walkers?

Good walking shoes are those which provide you better side-to-side fit, not excessively tight. The shoes that are comfortable in even the first wear, the shoes that offer you firmer grip, shock absorption technology, cushioning support, padded tongue, and collar are also considered excellent for walking.