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Our Mission

WearDuke serves as a go-to resource for the best shoes for both men and women. We pride ourselves on providing authentic reviews and comparison articles on different styles of shoes. Our main goal is to simply explain advanced topics as simple as possible so that everyone finds what they’re looking for right away, though we do cover each topic in detail as well.

We know there are hundreds of shoes in the market and most people do not have time to read tons of reviews to buy just one product. That is why we create the list of best for each product and discuss each item on the list in detail so that the reader can immediately decide which product they want to buy after reading it.

What We Do

Your appearance is more than a fashion statement. Buying smart shoes pair is its own kind of lifestyle. More often than not, you won’t have the time to research the best shoes you should buy.  WearDuke.com will help you with finding the perfect wear products to fit every occasion. Our reviews, comparisons, and shopping advice come from a dedicated team of writers with a passion of sneakers and shoes, who never link to review products for the sake of advertising alone.

We’ve got you covered, including;

  • Walking Shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Dress Shoes
  • Work Shoes

Each review article provides essential information about the shoes, and what makes them the best. We break down the need-to-know facts based on the style of the shoe to help you make an informed decision, so you’re always sure you made the ‘right’ choice.

Our Team:

Mr. Asjad Aamir is the founder of WearDuke.com. He has a diverse knowledge of different technologies of the shoes and he is constantly learning new things. He started this website alone however now it is managed by a team. All members of the team are passionate about sharing reviews and guides on the shoes and this is why WearDuke.com is trusted by people.