Can You Resole Boat Shoes?

After frequent wearing of boat shoes, the soles may lose their traction, or the material on the sole may start peeling off, due to which the soles start losing their comfort and durability. If your boat shoes are still in good shape, but their soles have worn out, then there’s a need for the resoling of your shoes.

So, can you resole boat shoes? Yes, you can resole boat shoes if they still look good after years of wear, they are comfortable, the upper of boat shoes hold up well, and the resoling doesn’t charge you more than the worth of the new boat shoes. If the resoling price of boat shoes is up to half of the new shoe price, you can get the service of boat shoe resoling. It is worth resole your boat shoes if there isn’t any crack on the upper, and it is incredibly soft to offer a comfy fit. Before resoling your boat shoes, make sure that a similar supportive and comfortable sole is available. Otherwise, it is pointless to get your boat shoes resoled with low-quality and non-supportive soles to save a few dollars for buying new boat shoes.

Is It Worth Getting Boat Shoes Resoled?

It depends on the model and desired sole. Boat shoes are easily damaged. Many people don’t understand that you have to pay a lot of money for them to be able to stay afloat and do what they need at their job. But in general, boat shoes tend to fall apart right away. So, is getting them resoled worth it? Let’s find out!

First off, boat shoe material varies depending on the job that is required of them. You could get suede or leather, which can last longer when compared with mesh or canvas. With that said, boat shoe resoling can be expensive with the material that is required.

Secondly, if you don’t have many pairs of boat shoes or only need one pair for a special occasion, it may not be worth getting them resoled. They are an investment, and there is no reason to waste your money on something so small unless it’s really worth it and even then, think about how much extra money you’re paying on buying a new pair of boat shoes over having them resoled.

That is if the cost of resoling of boat shoes ranges from $70 to $80, and the price of a new boat shoes pair is around $100, you should instead buy a new pair of boat shoes, provided that you don’t have any sentimental value with your old boat shoes.

It’s worth resole your boat shoes if they’re highly expensive, and you can get the resoling done with a price that is much lesser than buying a new pair of those high-end boat shoes. Furthermore, the new sole after resoling should provide the same comfort and durability that you were enjoying before.

A person on Reddit shares his experience of resoling his expensive boat shoes.

I just had my Rancourt traveller boat shoes ($285) refinished at the factory ($135), and it was worth every penny. Amazing job, new outsole, new sock liner, and helps keep the Rancourt people employed and working.

Rancourt boat shoes are blake-stitched. So, it’s easier to resole them. Furthermore, the brand has its resoling program. So, you won’t have to search for a high-skilled cobbler to resole your boat shoes.

Can You Resole Sperry Boat Shoes?

If your Sperry Top-Sider’s sole has cracked, hardened and doesn’t provide grip, then yes, Sperry boat shoes can be resoled. But you need to take care that removing the old sole doesn’t damage the leather as the soles of Sperry topsiders are glued through the heat-activation pressure process, then stitched to the midsole, as you can check out in this video. So, you need to find a highly professional cobbler to resole Sperry boat shoes.

You can check out the video of this guy. He got replaced its Sperry boat shoes soles with hard-wearing Vibram soles for $60.

I checked one of the comments in that video in which a person living in New Jersey couldn’t find a good cobbler to replace the soles of Sperry Topsiders.

finding a cobbler to resole boat shoes

So, you need to find a really good and competent cobbler to replace the old glued sole and resole your Sperry boat shoes at an affordable price. In the USA, you’ll find several cobblers that would refuse to replace the soles. Sperry AO boat shoes cost around $90. So, I’d suggest instead of wasting your time by searching around for a professional cobber who would charge 40 to 60 dollars; you should buy a new pair of Sperry boat shoes.

Can Sebago Shoes be Resoled?

Sebago Ducksides are pretty expensive as compared to Sperry Topsiders (exclude Gold Cup collection). So, people often look for the possibilities to resole their Sebago boat shoes. Sebago boat shoes are just welted. Their soles are not glued. So, they can be resoled easily.

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