10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support When Walking [March 2023]: For Weak Ankles

After researching and analyzing the core features of 46 top shoes for ankle support, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 landed as our best ankle support shoes for both men and women. However, if you also need better arch support in the shoes, ASICS Gel Kayano shoes could be the more suitable to support your weak ankles.

Ah, ankles – those hard-working bones of ours that often take a beating! Whether you’re a runner or an avid walker, you know how common ankle injuries are. But, if you’re looking for an easy way to protect your ankles, you’re in luck – wearing the best ankle support shoes can make all the difference.

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When you are on your feet all day, your ankles can become sore due to high strain on your feet, which can lead to severe ankle pain. There are many ways to protect your ankles and relieve ankle pain, including foot stretch exercises, weight loss, etc. Choosing the right shoes that can support your bad ankles can also reduce the pressure on your sore ankles.

So, what should you look for in a pair of shoes that offers good ankle support? Well, first of all, you want to make sure they’re comfortable – they should fit snugly without pinching or rubbing. Additionally, you want to look for shoes that offer good arch support to help protect your ankles.

Furthermore, the shoes should be designed with shock-absorbing soles to reduce the impact on your feet and ankles when you walk or run. Ankle support shoes should also be lightweight and flexible so that your feet can move naturally. Finally, the shoes should have a sturdy sole that can provide good traction and grip on a variety of surfaces. This will help prevent slips and falls, which can lead to ankle injuries.

So, in this guide, I have uncovered the detailed reviews of the 10 best walking shoes for weak ankles support for both men and women. Let’s look at each ankle support shoe one by one and help you get your desired shoes that can support and protect your weak ankles.

Best Ankle Support Shoes Comparison Table

Name Image Unique Feature Buy Now

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 – Best Overall Shoes Ankle Support It features a 3d fit upper, deep toe box and lightweight guide rail system to prevent overpronation and provide superior ankle support. Perfect for running, jogging and walking, adrenaline GTS 21 is a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, supportive, and lightweight shoe.

ASICS Gel Kayano 27

ASICS Gel Kayano 27 – Best Shoes for Weak Ankles and Arch Support
The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 is the perfect pick for any runner looking for a shoe that offers stability and support. Boasting Duomax technology for a secure ride and Flytefoam midsole for superior cushioning, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running – whether it’s a long distance run or a sprint. Plus, with its reliable and comfortable design, you can count on the Kayano 27 to keep you going mile after mile!

Propét LifeWalker

Propét LifeWalker – Best Men’s and Women’s Work Shoes for Ankle Support This Proper LifeWalker is the perfect choice for those looking for comfort and stability! Its leather upper with ventilation holes keeps your feet feeling fresh, while the Velcro straps give you an extra snug fit. Plus, the extended heel counter and nifty built-in heel stabilizer provide great stability and support for a comfortable and secure walk – what more could you ask for?

Vionics Walkers

Vionics Walkers – Best Orthopedic Shoes for Ankle Support This Vionics Walker is the perfect choice for those looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and supportive walking shoe. Featuring advanced Active Motion System (AMS) technology, its breathable textile upper mesh and flexible cushioned midsole provide superior comfort and support with every step. And if that wasn’t enough, its podiatrist-designed heel cup and orthopedic shoe construction offer enhanced stability, making it an ideal pick for those who desire a reliable walking shoe

Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker – Comfortable Walking Shoes for Weak Ankles The Brooks Addiction Walker is the ideal fit for your ankle support requirements. With an innovative Diagonal Rollbar system, you can be sure of optimal stability and control. The special BioMoGo DNA midsole offers superior cushioning and the supple full-grain leather upper is designed for unbeatable comfort. The forefoot MC Pod construction further stabilizes the midsole, securing your feet and providing all-day support.

Are High-Top Shoes Better for Ankle Support?

Wearing high-top shoes is the best way to protect your ankle as they are laced up above the “ankle” bones. It helps the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to work together in the right way.

Furthermore, according to the study on the effect of high-top shoes on the ankle sprain, high-top shoes delay the amplitude of the ankle’s response to turn inwards.

Another study shows that high-top American football cleats may reduce ankle ROM (particularly movements associated with ankle sprains such as inversion) and enhance athletes’ sense of ankle stability without disrupting their performance.

What Are Weak Ankles A Symptom Of?

Weak ankles are a symptom of several conditions, including osteoarthritis and diabetes. When the cartilage of the ankle is damaged, your bones start to rub together and form a mass of bone. The condition often starts with pain and swelling in the ankle joints. The symptoms of weak ankles include pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, warmth, redness, and loss of function of the ankle.

There are many factors that contribute to weak ankles, including a lack of exercise, certain types of injuries, and genetics.

Athletes who play basketball or soccer often experience weak ankles due to their repetitive movement patterns. The ankles are prone to injury because they are constantly working hard and putting a lot of pressure on them. The main reason for this is that the lower leg bones have a higher center of gravity than the upper leg bones.

As a result, the ankle joint is under constant strain which eventually leads to ankle pain. The best thing you can do to prevent ankle injuries is to wear proper footwear.

For example, high-top basketball sneakers should provide good ankle support.

How Can I Make My Ankles Stronger?

You can make your ankles stronger by performing ankle exercises regularly. Ankle exercises can be done while sitting or standing.

They help strengthen the muscles of the lower legs and the back of the ankle. It can also improve your balance and flexibility.

Ankle strengthening exercises should include exercises that target the muscles of the rearfoot, calf, and quadriceps. 

The calf muscles can be strengthened by performing calf raises. The quadriceps can be trained by doing leg curls. You can also do toe raises and squats to strengthen the calves.

To perform ankle exercises, you should stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then, you should bend your knees, flex your ankles and raise your heels up. Do this once daily.

For the best results, you should work with a physical therapist who can teach you proper techniques for strengthening your ankles.

Do Arch Supports Help Ankle Pain?

Arch supports or orthotics are a good way to relieve ankle pain. They can help align your lower back and hips in the right position, which will improve posture.

People with flat feet are prone to ankle pain because their arches are collapsed and they have no stability.

Arch supports are great at preventing ankle pain in these people. They are usually made of soft material and fit into your shoe. They will provide extra support for your ankles and help them to maintain a normal shape.

Moreover, shoes with firm and deeply padded soles, as well as lacing (or top support) that inhibits movement within the shoes to keep your foot in place, are ideal for flat feet.

On the other hand, people with high arch feet need ankle support shoes with soft cushioning or padding to ease the uneven pressure points on their feet.

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Best Shoes for Ankle Support When Walking

Here are my recommendations for the best walking shoes for ankle support.

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 – Best Overall Shoes Ankle Support

Features and Specs:

  • 3D Fit Upper
  • Guide rails system for stability
  • BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft Cushioning

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 are one of the best ankle support shoes. They are really amazing for just plain walking, support, and comfort. They are designed to provide just the right amount of stability and support, great for overpronation while providing high energizing cushioning. Ideal for road running, cross-training, the gym, or wherever you might want to take them!

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 shoes have a modernized fit that is streamlined, engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit Print that offers the structure and proven fit for which the Adrenaline line is known without excess bulk.

It also has a lightweight guide rail system that keeps aligning your movement and allows you to walk comfortably without the inward movement of your ankles.

The only downside of Brooks Adrenaline shoes is that they are a bit expensive. However, if you want a high-quality ankle support shoe, you must consider this option.

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What I Liked

  • Great fit due to low-bootie construction
  • Good cushioning support
  • Great stability

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not so much durable

2. ASICS Gel Kayano 27 – Best Shoes for Weak Ankles and Arch Support

Features and Specs:

  • Duomax technology for stability and support
  • Flytefoam midsole offers cushioning like EVA foam, but with lighter weight and better cushioning.

Asics Gel Kayano 27 are some of the best running and walking shoes with good ankle support. The shoes are engineered with a DYNAMIC DUOMAX technology, consisting of a stiffer midsole material inside, which reduces the strain on your ankles caused by overpronation issues.

The ankle collar of these ASICS Gel Kayano 27 shoes is padded with a soft cushion wrapped in a silky fabric that gives your bad ankles a smooth feel. The shoes’ midsole is equipped with a Flytefoam technology that makes these shoes extra lighter in weight without compromising cushioning. This technology also offers a secure fit so that you don’t have to worry about the sliding of your rearfoot while walking.

The midfoot of these shoes is comprised of GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC technology that offers a smoother transition from heel to the forefoot while walking. This technology improves stability by preventing the twisting of the shoes. In this way, it helps to reduce the load on your ankles.

What I Liked

  • Also good for overpronation
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable toe box

What I Didn’t Like

  • Less cushioning

3. Propét LifeWalker – Best Men’s and Women’s Work Shoes for Ankle Support

These Propet Life Walker walking shoes for both men and women are the best ankle injury shoes that protect and strengthen your sore ankles when walking. They have a padded EVA midsole and rubber outsole that provides excellent support and stability to your ankles and feet.

The additional padding of these Propet LifeWalker shoes makes them comfortable for walking all day. The midsole of these shoes is designed to absorb the shock while protecting our heel from impact against the surface during each step of walking.

The upper of the shoes have tiny holes for ventilation to keep your feet aerated and free from odor. The shoes have two Velcro straps instead of lace-up closure that allows you to put on or off the shoes quickly. The padded collar of the shoes allows a tight and secure fit around your heels.

The insole of the shoes is lined with brushed nylon which makes it easy for you to slide in or out of the shoes. At the rear part, there is an extended heel counter and a built-in heel stabilizer that has been designed to secure the rearfoot properly. Both structures work perfectly to support your ankles and keep your feet steady during walking.

What I Liked

  • Good arch support and stability
  • Breathable
  • Good cushioned insole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Leather quality is not good

4. Vionics Walkers – Best Orthopedic Shoes for Ankle Support

If you are looking for walking shoes with good ankle support, the Vionic Walkers shoe is can be your choice. The shoes provide substantial arch support that keeps your feet aligned with your ankles while reducing the strain as well.

The shoes have an EVA footbed that is covered by a textile cover. It allows a smoother heel-to-toe transition by keeping the stress at your heels to a minimum level. The shoes have a rubber outsole that acts as a shock absorber and provides an excellent grip.

The shoes have Active Motion System (AMS) technology that provides a lightweight, breathable textile upper mesh and flexible cushioned midsole. The technology also includes a podiatrist-designed heel cup that is biomedically engineered to enhance stability and substantial arch support.

Please read my guide on shoes for knock knees. There, I have reviewed Vionics Walkers in detail.

What I Liked

  • Great comfortability
  • Good arch support
  • Great Fit

What I Didn’t Like

  • Less breathable

5. Under Armour Curry 5 – Best Ankle Support Shoes for Men

These are some of the best basketball and walking shoes for men that support weak ankles. The shoes’ midfoot has Shank System that extends mid-top from your arch, thus providing good heel support and preventing your ankles in the process.

The shoes encompass AnaFoam in the lateral forefoot wall and around the heel side of the shoes. This allows your feet to fit easily in the shoes without slipping and secure your ankles. The shoes have a charged cushion midsole that absorbs the impact and reduces the strain on your ankles

The shoes have a full-knit construction and are engineered with a mesh that makes them breathable and durable at the same time.

What I Liked

  • Good heel support
  • Great cushioning
  • Breathable mesh

What I Didn’t Like

  • Quality is not good according to the price

6. Vans SK8 – Best Sneakers with Good Ankle Support

If you are suffering from sprained, bad, or weak ankles, Vans SK8 is one of the best shoes to support ankles when walking. The shoes have a high-top design and cushioned collar that ensures a perfect fit around your ankles and provides comfort to your feet.

The high-top design feature makes them the best shoes for sore ankles as they give strength to your sore ankles. The snug fit of high-top padded collars offers more flexibility and boosts the mobility of your feet.

The upper of the shoes have a classic CANVAS with excellent flexibility and great breathing to your feet. Due to this extraordinary flexibility, the shoes can easily mold to your feet and offer extra comfort for all-day walking.

What I Liked

  • Great cushioning
  • Ideal fit
  • Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like

  • Arch and orthotics support is not good

7. Saucony Grid Omni Walker – Comfortable Shoes for Weak Ankles

If you are looking for the best shoes for good ankle support that can help with sprained or broken ankle injury problems, these Saucony Grid Omniwalker shoes can be one of the choices for you. The shoes have EVA midsole cushioning that is responsive and offers a smooth transition from heel to toe. The heel box of these shoes is low enough that it does not rub on your ankle’s bones.

The shoes are designed with extra padding with cushioned collar and tongue that offer comfort and cushioning to your ankles and feet. The collar has HYDRA MAX LINING which is a superior fabric to absorb moisture on your feet, and offer them an excellent feel when you step in.

The outsole of these shoes features Walk-Trac technology that improves your walking gait style by offering excellent traction and slip resistance. If you want to support your ankles and move freely, these can be the best walking shoes for ankle support.

What I Liked

  • Excellent grip
  • Wide toe sox
  • Padded insole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Shoes need more arch support

8. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 – Best Walking and Training Shoes for Bad Ankle Problems

Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 7 shoes offer decent support to your feet and ankles. You can wear these shoes for everyday walking while protecting your sore ankles.

The advantage of these shoes is that they do not put pressure on the rear of your heel. If you have weak ankles, it is particularly important for you.

The upper part of the shoes has an open mesh that gives your feet good breathability and comfort. The shoes have a padded collar with a bit of higher modification. So, while putting on your shoes, and you’d like to slip them on instead of unlacing your shoes, this would make it more convenient. This feature helps to reduce the strain on your ankles.

The shoes also have an EVA midsole that extends along the whole length gives you excellent cushioning to your weak ankles, and makes you feel like you are walking on the pads.

The outsole of these shoes is engineered with Meta-Rocker technology that creates a forward driving fulcrum-type effect. This feature provides a smooth transition of your body weight onto the forefoot and reduces the force on your ankles.

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What I Liked

  • Good Cushioning
  • Great fit in the toe box
  • Good comfort

What I Didn’t Like

  • Little bit heavy

9. Brooks Addiction Walker – Comfortable Walking Shoes for Weak Ankles

Brooks Walker shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes to support bad and weak ankle pain. These shoes come in various sizes, from narrow toe to wide toe, you can easily find suitable sizes for your feet.

To provide your feet and ankles with great cushioning and arch support, the shoes are equipped with BioMoGo DNA that reduces the impact of the surface on your joints and weak ankles and keeps you comfortable all the time when walking or any other activity.

A diagonal Rollbar System is embedded in these shoes that keep your body in a normal walking gait cycle for extensive support. This gives your body maximum stability and balance.

Lastly, Brooks Addiction Walker shoes also feature MC Foot Pod construction. MC Pod Construction is a stabilizing midsole layout that balances the shoe for an efficient heel-to-toe transition.

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What I Liked

  • Increased Cushioning
  • Great stability
  • Soft footbed

What I Didn’t Like

  • Size is sometimes large

10. Skechers Go Walk – Walking Shoes for Ankle Pain

These lightweight pull-on sneaker-type Skechers Go Walk shoes can also support your ankles as they offer great arch support to both men and women who have ankle injury issues.

These Skechers are great for absorbing heavy impact and are suitable for prolonged standing. They have seamless construction and are engineered with a mesh that provides excellent breathability and comfort to your feet.

The GOGA MAT insole of the shoes offers rebound cushioning and reduces the strain on your ankles by providing a bounceback from heel to toe. Ultra Pillar outsole of these Skechers give more support to your feet and energy return by ensuring comfort at each step.

What I Liked

  • Great Breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Good comfort

What I Didn’t Like

  • Size may not be fit

How to Choose Best Shoes for Ankle Support When Walking?

Here are the features of the best ankle support shoes for both walking and running.

High Top vs. Low Top

Before selecting high-top or low-top shoes, we need to look at their pros and cons for ankles. Some people prefer high-top shoes as they provide added support to the shoes due to their higher shank height. Some people prefer low-top shoes due to their lightweight and ability to maximize your motion.

Despite adding extra support to ankles, high-top shoes are relatively costlier, and extra material increases weight. So, it is up to you which shoes you would like to wear based on your needs.


The shoes you will buy for weak ankles should have enough features to support and protect your bad ankles by providing stability. Usually, ankle support shoes have a padded collar that provides cushioning and a secure fit to step your feet in the shoes easily.

Good ankle support shoes also offer arch support and ensure your proper foot alignment when walking. The midsole of the shoes plays an essential role in supporting your ankles. A properly designed midsole can help in reducing the strain on ankles and absorb shock when walking. This can make the shoes more comfortable.


Selecting the walking shoes for ankle support requires that the shoes should fit properly around the feet. If the shoes do not fit properly around your heels and ankles, it won’t be a good decision to buy those shoes, no matter how much comfort they provide. For ankle support, arch support, or anything else to make a difference in your comfort, then the shoe must fit properly.

Some shoes have a lace-up closure, while some have vector straps to offer fitness to the feet. Both options are good. It is up to you which style you would like to buy based on your conditions.


Stability is also one of the most important aspects you should look into while buying the best ankle support shoes when walking. Each shoe has a different design based on the needs of the people. The shoes having features like raised heels, curved bottom, or a narrow toe might cause balancing issues for some people. Therefore, it is advisable to properly look at the features and reviews of ankle support shoes before buying them.


When you walk barefoot, the foot gets exposed to several forces such as friction, impact, and pressure. When you wear shoes, you put a lot of pressure on the ankle area which eventually leads to damage.

This pressure may be caused by the weight of your body, the pressure of the ground, or the movements of your feet. If you are barefoot, your foot absorbs the impact of these forces directly on its surface.

Cushioning of the best shoes for ankle support absorbs the shock and impact and protects your sore ankles by reducing the strain on them. Typically, EVA midsole shoes or GEL technology provide good cushioning and comfort to your feet by diminishing impact.

Some shoes also offer padded insoles, sock liners, or a seamless construction to enhance the shoes’ feel on your feet.

High-Back or Padded Collar

If you have ankle pain, I would suggest you avoid shoes with a low back. High-top shoes, having a high padded collar, are a good choice for you if you are suffering from a serious ankle injury as it protects your ankles from impact, and offers a comfortable feel.


Shoes with good ankle support provide comfort to the feet in the form of fit, stability, and breathability. The upper of made shoes made of leather or suede material will adjust your foot shape well, while shoes with canvas or mesh are lightweight and breathable.

Final Thoughts About the Best Ankle Support Shoes

Ankle support shoes are designed to give you more comfort and stability while walking. They are designed to improve balance and increase your overall stability. Ankle support shoes provide a stable platform for your ankle. They allow your ankle to move freely and keep your foot aligned properly. Also,  Ankle support shoes help to reduce the swelling in your ankle. This can help to prevent ankle sprains.

If you need slightly better arch support, I would recommend you Saucony Progrid shoes for weak ankles. If you need wide-width shoes to support your ankles, Brooks Addiction Walker is the best option.

FAQS About Shoes for Ankles Support

How can a good ankle support shoe affect my feet?

There are many advantages of the best ankle support shoes as they help reduce the impact and stress on the ankle muscles and protect your ankles from twisting injuries and sprain.

Is too much support on the ankle bad?

Too much ankle support can limit your foot movements. You will be unable to move your feet in a wide range. It would be better to go for shoes that provide moderate ankle support. On the other hand, if you have severe bad ankles and pain, sneakers or shoes with heavy ankle support would be the choice for you.

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