7 Best Leather Combat and Lace-up Boots for Women in July 2024

Combat boots are now a popular choice for running around town, traveling, or even for work. They are also available in many different styles, colors and with a variety of heel heights. This article is acquainted with the most fashionable styles of the best combat boots for women in 2022.

Combat boots were made for military personnel in World War II, but they have evolved into a stylish footwear option that people can wear to both the office and on the weekends.

Traditional military-style boots, like Dr Martens, are great for everyday wear. They have thick and sturdy platforms and may come with zippers or elastic goring for a flexible fit around the ankle.

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My Top Pick for the Most Comfortable and Best Combat Boots for Women

After analyzing 50 plus women’s combat boots, I have selected Blundstone 550 and Vionic Women’s Charm Lani as the best leather combat boots for women in slip-on and lace-up styles respectively.

Why Do Leather Combat Boots Are Perfect for Early Winter Days?

Once the snow starts falling in early winter days, mustering the desire to wear flats, heeled shoes or wedged shoes is not the smartest choice. That’s why women like you can’t go wrong with wearing combat boots.

Leather combat boots are versatile and functional in design due to lace-up construction. Combat boots are made to protect the feet, ankles, and legs with all the necessary coverage it requires. A combat boot usually has a tough upper with rugged construction and a thick and sturdy sole with enough traction to walk on slick and icy surfaces. Moreover, combat boots are usually made of leather that is quite durable and waterproof.

Reviews of Best Combat Boots for Women

Women are just as active as men, and they want a boot that is going to provide them with comfort and not restrict their movement in any way. However, the style of combat boots is also a major concern for women. So, I have cherry-picked the most fashionable and quality women’s combat boots that feature a perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability.

1. ARIAT Women’s Paddock Boot – Best Budget Women’s Combat Boots

When you are looking for some ARIAT Women’s Boots, I’d just like to remind you that even though these are actually riding boots, the sturdy construction, abrasion resistance, and ankle-twisting protection have put them on my top list of the best women’s combat boots. These ARIAT boots can easily last for a minimum of 3 years.

ARIAT boots are made of full-grain premium leather that has excellent abrasion resistance so that you can use these ARIAT boots for everyday wear. The leather of ARIAT boots polishes up better and has a premium texture. The shaft of ARIAT boots measures approx. 6.5inches from arch, and heel measures approx. 2inches.

ARIAT Boots can withstand the inevitable dirt and scuffs that come with everyday life. You can use these boots for work, play or anywhere you go. According to a user, these ARIAT boots have been in mud, manure, and sand every day for over a year, and they have remained intact.

Moreover, the ARIAT boots also come in wide sizes so your feet will not be squished when you try to fit them in. The toe box is roomy enough to wiggle your toes. Furthermore, the laces of these ARIAT boots remain untied when not double-knotted.

Coming to the comfort and cushioning feature, these ARIAT boots for women are complete with a shock-absorbing. They have a built-in heel cushion that aids in extra shock absorption and stability to ensure foot-fatigue reduction.

The best part of ARIAT boots is their sculpted, cushioned insole with 4LR technology. It cradles your heel perfectly and stabilizes your walking gait. Furthermore, the arch support of ARIAT Boots is high enough to prevent plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, back pain, and several other related issues.

As far as slip resistance is concerned, you won’t be disappointed with these ARIAT Paddock Boots. One user works in a car dealership, and according to him, the boots provide a sufficient grip on the oil-soaked surfaces.

The downside of ARIAT Paddock Boots is that they are not completely waterproof if you accidentally jump in any puddles. So, as long as you wear them for regular walks, or at work, you’ll be completely fine.

Another downside of ARIAT Heritage Paddock Boots is their thin tongue. The tongue looks like a cheap rubber and gets frayed easily.

Last but not least, ARIAT boots are only available in brown and black colors. So, if you wish to wear bright color boots, this pair might not be for you.

2. Blundstone Women’s 550 – Best Slip-On Combat Bootie for Women

Blundstone is the popular Australian brand for making slip-on combat boots with elastic goring. If you do not have ankle-twisting issues, I would recommend you buy these Blundstone boots. They are great for daily use, especially for those who do not want to be bothered with tying laces. The best part of these easy-to-slip-on Blundstone boots is their availability in a variety of colors. The shaft of Blundstone boots measures around 5inches, and the heel measures approx. 1.25inches.

As far as leather quality is concerned, Blundstone boots have oiled leather that is thicker and resistant to water. However, if the leather of Blundstone boots is rubbed against a sharp rock, it can develop deep scratches. Despite the sturdy leather, Blundstone boots are lightweight. This makes these combat boots suitable for everyday wear.

Here’s what a customer of Blundstone boots says about them:

Have been wearing Blundstone boots for two years. I bought my first pair because of the lightweight. (I have bad legs). Was skeptical of their durability because of that, but they have held up beyond my hopes.

Coming to the comfort, the leather of Blundstone breaks in within two weeks. You just have to wear a thick pair of socks, and the leather will conform to your feet in no time. The sole of Blundstone boots is made of TPU material, has more crack resistance than PU, and has higher stiffness. This TPU material makes Blundstone boots a bit expensive.

Apart from that, the Shock Absorption System embedded in the heel area of Blundstone boots allows the wearer to stand 8+hours on feet every day without feeling fatigued or pain in plantar tissues. The removable insole of Blundstone boots offers a moderate arch as well.

The main downside of these Blundstone 550 Boots is that if you have a high arch, it would be a bit difficult for you to put them on or off. Moreover, the arch support of Blundstone boots is not as much as that of ARIAT boots. So, you might need to replace the insole with an orthotic insert. Another minor flaw is that the side elastic panel on Blundstone boots can start fraying after some time.

3. PIKOLINOS Women’s Aspe W9Z-8634C1 – Best Leather Combat Boots for Women

PIKOLINOS is a well-known Spanish shoes brand for making comfortable and durable boots that can be both dressy and casual.

PIKOLINOS Boots are known to be well-made with soft luxurious calfskin leather and they mold to our feet quickly. Moreover, there are gorgeous embellishments in the form of stylish stitching, side zipper, and metal hook eyelets.

Metal hook eyelets and calfskin leather make these boots a bit expensive as there is no possibility of damaging of lacing closure, which usually happens in normal lacing boots when eyelets get frayed out.

Here’s what a user says about these POKOLINOS Boots.

Great support and very comfortable. I’m a nanny and on my feet all day. I’ve worn them on a rainy day and the weatherproofing stands up to the test. I’m so glad I bought these.

Also, the side zipper of these PIKILINOS Boots allows you to easily put them on. You don’t need to tamper with the laces and re-adjust the fit and stability of your boots when putting them on. All you need to do is to zip down the zipper and insert your leg.

The rubber outsole of PIKOLINOS Boots features thick lugs that offer excellent slip resistance in snow and slush. Just make sure to waterproof them with silicon spray if you wish to wear them every day in the snow.

One user says:

I used them for hiking in Iceland and they were so comfortable, no “break-in” period. Got lots of compliments because they are indeed a very good-looking pair of shoes

As far as sizing is concerned, PIKOLINOS Boots are based on Europe sizing standards. If you wear EU 39 size in boots, you might have to buy EU 40 size. It means if you wear size US 9, you might have to go for 9.5-10 size in these PIKOLINOS boots.

4. Kodiak Women’s 5-Inch Surrey II Waterproof Fashion Boot

If you don’t want to break the bank on buying expensive PIKOLINOS combat boots, you can consider buying these Kodiak boots. Like PIOLINOS Boots, Kodiak Boots also have great leather quality. The leather of Kodiak boosts is thick without being rigid, and thus, readily softens up as you wear them. They wipe down easily whether it be mud, dust, or a lot of doggy drools. You can wear Kodiak Combat Boots with cuffed jeans, flannels, pullovers, and fleece leggings.

Here’s what a user of Kodiak Boots says about them.

I absolutely love the look of it, and it really held up well on an icy and wet hike in Colorado. I wore them with wool socks and never had wet feet – even after walking for several hours in mud and deep snow!

As far as the lining is concerned, Kodiak Boots have microfiber (Thinsulate) lining and padding on the top of the ankle collar. On the other hand, PIKOLINOS boots have strong leather lining and padding on the top of the ankle collar. This also sets a price difference between the two boots. The Thinsulate lining in Kodiak boots keeps your feet warm when it’s cold outside.

The removable memory foam insole of Kodiak Boots is supportive, but not as much cushioned as it needs to be. You should walk in these boots for a few days. If you find them uncomfortable, you can replace the insole.

The downside of Kodiak Boots is the inner flap of leather that tents under the tongue of the boot. You can’t get it to stop jabbing me in the feet as the inner layer is unable to bend properly. Moreover, due to microfiber lining, Kodiak boots are not suitable to wear in spring or summer as the material becomes stinky.

Another downside of Kodiak boots is that they are not very feminine-looking. Also, the brown color is more like green. Moreover, the sole starts separating on the front if you try to walk on uneven terrains in them.

5. Taos Women’s Crave – Best Designer Combat Boots for Women

If you want a funky, different-looking combat-style boot, this pair of Taos Crave Boots is for you. Taos is so sturdy and comfortable for covering long distances. The boot has a long shaft with a side zipper to easily put it on without messing with laces again and again.

On the heel collar, near to the bottom, there is a belt-like strap to support the back of your foot and prevent heel slip. However, it is a bit difficult to adjust the strap as it wrinkles the leather underneath.

Taos boots have removable comfy and supportive footbeds. You could walk or hike for miles in these, even with the 2-inch heel.

As far as sizing is concerned, Taos boots run narrow. You have to buy a half size bigger. They are based on European sizing standards. So, if you wear 40 size, you should buy these boots in 41 size.

The downside of Taos Boots is that the heel is a bit hard for the first few days and can cause blisters on your heel. Moreover, you can’t wear these Taos boots in deep snow or puddles. They can hold up through a midwestern winter.

Also, the sole of Taos boots is harder. This little stiffness in the sole makes Taos boots clunky while walking. For extra cushioning, you can replace the factory footbed with the gel insole.

6. Vionic Women’s Charm Lace-up Ankle Bootie

Vionic is the popular brand for making footwear by keeping in view the biomechanics of the foot. Based on this, I have picked this pair of Vionic Combat Boots.

The upper design is similar to street-style sneakers like Chuck Taylors. Instead of metal hooks, these Vionic boots have sneakers-like eyelets through which thick flat laces pass. Moreover, the pull tab collar and side zipper allow you to easily put the shoes on or off.

The upper of these Vionic boots is not as sturdy as the above-reviewed boots. In addition, there isn’t any padding on the top of the collar. You can only wear Vionic boots for casual street walks.

The reason for the high price of Vionic Lace-up Booties is the innovative biomechanical support embedded in them. Vionic footwear are also recommended by podiatrists to people suffering from overpronation and knee rolling issues. In Vionic boots, there is a deep heel cup in the sole of Vionic boots to prevent inward rolling of ankles, arch support for better alignment, and cushioning in the ball of foot region.

However, everyone’s foot is different. So, if your feet would not feel comfortable with their biomechanical support, you should not spend extra bucks on buying orthotic inserts as it would not be worth the money.

The only thing that keeps the price of Vionic shoes up is their arch support and stability. So, instead of buying another new insert, you should consider buying other pairs of women’s combat boots I reviewed.

You should check out this video on how Vionic boots look inside.

These Vionic boots are made with patent leather that is meant to help prevent cracking and tearing. Many people prefer patent leather because it is more durable than other materials and maintains a shine and flexibility that can be easily achieved even through wear and tear.

As far as sizing is concerned, Vionic boots do run narrow. You might have to buy a half size bigger.

7. Circus by Sam Edelman Women’s Darielle Ankle Boot

These are also ankle booties like the Blundstone Ankle Boots I reviewed above. Sam Edelman boots are pretty cheaper compared to the Blundstone boots. Apart from the low price, I have added this option to the list due to the availability of the bright colors. Blundstone women’s boots are also available in several colors. But the design is plain, and the colors are not bright.

In these Sam Edelman boots, you can get several bright colors like non-pink, orchid metallic with different aesthetic patterns.

The leather of Sam Edelman Combat Ankle Booties for Women is not original. It is cheap plastic leather that gets peeled off easily. Due to this reason, Sam Edelman boots are quite cheaper.

The sole of Sam Edelman boots is made of Polyurethane foam that has great compression-resistance and shock-absorbing properties, which makes these combat boots comfortable for everyday wear.

As for sizing in Sam Edelman boots, go for a half size bigger.

Wrapping Up

The best combat boots for women have to have three key characteristics: style, comfort, and durability. Although Combat Boots have been around for quite a while, they are still very popular with many people especially women. Combat boots for women typically have thick soles for added comfort and support. These boots look good both on the trail and off.

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