Get These Shoes for Your Sciatica Nerve Pain! [Personally Tested]

If you don’t have time to dig through the whole guide, Ryka Devotion Plus 2 (women) and Brooks Addiction Walker (men) are the best shoes for sciatica.

Do you know that 90% of sciatica problems are caused by compression in the lumbar herniated disc? This compression majorly occurs when your back or lower limbs bear a considerable impact that mainly results from wearing improper footwear.

Sciatica is a term used to describe the pain that can come from an inflamed or twisted sciatic nerve. The pain will typically radiate down one of your legs, but it can sometimes even be felt in your upper body.

We have spent 72+ hours researching the entire market of the shoes, going through the thousands of customers’ reviews, and finally, we have come up with the 11 best shoes that can relieve sciatic pain.

I cannot tell which option of shoes for sciatica nerve pain is the best overall as it depends on your needs. I have included running shoes, safety shoes, professional working shoes, and walking shoes for sciatica problems so that you can get an excellent range of options and easily select one of them.

If you have got severe pain in lower back, you can read my guide on Best Walking Shoes for Lower back Pain.

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What Kind of Shoes do You Need for Sciatica Nerve Pain?

If you suffer from nerve compression, you need to look into getting orthopedic shoes. These supportive shoes are made with a shank or arch support.

The shank or arch support in these shoes can provide much-needed relief from the nerve compression that occurs during walking and standing. The arch support will put less pressure on the lower back while supporting your feet, which is vital when dealing with this type of pain.

Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems – Our Top Choices

Here are my recommendations for the best shoes for sciatica problems.

1. Brooks Addiction Walker – Walking Shoes for Sciatica Relief

These supportive shoes by Brooks are some of the best walking shoes for sciatica pain relief due to their stylish and sturdy design. For people suffering from lower back problems with symptoms spreading to the legs and soles of the feet, I would recommend them to try out these shoes surely.

Sciatica nerves that start from your hips and run through your legs to your feet’ sole serve the purpose of motorizing your legs and feet due to their sensing ability to maintain your walking gait cycle. Suppose your sciatica nerves are damaged due to their irritation and inflammation.

Support System

These Brooks women’s and men’s shoes feature a Diagonal Roll Bar System that works as a motion controller that strategically guides your arches and keeps your body in its natural path of motion. This system is specially designed for low arches and overpronation issues while ensuring excellent comfort.  

Rollbar technology consists of a TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) medial or lateral post with a composite plate designed to minimize rearfoot movements. This structure is placed under the heels of these Brooks shoes are connected to the postings on the inner and outer edges of the shoes.

TPU post on the medial side of the shoes reinforces the sidewall of the medial midsole and prevents your feet from rolling inwards. Similarly, a post on the lateral side of the shoes increases the stiffness of the lateral sidewall of the midsole and prevents your feet from leaning outwards. In this way, this stablility structure helps to reduce the strain on sciatica and helps relieve sciatica nerve pain.

brooks shoes for sciatica problems


To provide your feet with extra cushioning for sciatica pains, the midsole of these shoes is made from a blend of BioMoGo DNA technology. BioMoGo is a biodegradable foam material that retains its fresh-foam cushioning for a more extended period. The material facilitates a soft landing of feet and offers a good energy return by ensuring a steady push-off.

In this way, BioMoGo DNA technology of the midsole gives a nicely cushioned energy return. It keeps your feet protected from a strong impact, thus reducing the excessive pressure on your sciatica nerves.


The MC Pod Construction design of the forefoot is an additional essential function of these shoes. This feature ensures that your feet are in complete contact with the ground and maintain a balanced position during your walking gait cycle.


Lastly, the shoes are 100% human-made which ensures a comfortable fit and offers your feet a glove-like fit. If you wear the shoes only for walking, it gives fine breathability to your feet. Moreover, you can also use custom orthotics recommended by your podiatrist for arch support.

In this way, with all its wonderful features, you can enjoy a comfortable walking stride for long hours while relieving your sciatica problems.

Overall Rating of Brooks Addiction Walke

Key Decision-Making FactorsRating (1-5)
Support System5

What I Liked

  • Very durable and comfortable for everyday use
  • Offers great arch support and stability
  • Excellent cushioning and feet protection
  • Comes in narrow and wide sizes

What I Didn’t Like

  • Bit heavy
  • Moderate breathability

2. ASICS Gel-Contend 5 – Running Shoes for Sciatica Problems

If you are a keen athlete or a low-mileage avid runner who cannot put on an outstanding performance due to sciatica problems, these ASICS Gel-Contend 5 athletic shoes should be in your running shoe collection.

Over the years, ASICS has been manufacturing running shoes that genuinely focus on foot fitness and related leg pain issues. These are budget-friendly cross-training shoes as compared to other ASICS options that offer adequate comfort and versatility.

Midsole Technology

To provide cushioning and attenuate the impact of shock while your feet are just hitting the ground, these shoes are packed with a semi-liquid Gel Material in their rearfoot. It ensures a smooth transition of the weight of your body from heel to toe without feeling excessive pressure while running or performing athletic activities. This technology in the rear foot is a plus point for beginners and heel-striking runners.

According to a study by Harvard, runners who strike their heels first are twice as likely to suffer mild to moderate repetitive stress injuries as forefoot strikers. Heel-striking running gait is mainly seen in beginner runners as in the initial stages; they do not have firm control over their running style. In the heel-striking style, an intense impact force is exerted on the heel that increases the work done by the knee joint in transitioning from heel to toe.

This substantial impact force, running through the knees, also exerts a strain on your hips that irritates your sciatica nerves, leading to several pain problems.

Concerning these issues, gel cushioning in the rear foot of these shoes absorbs this strong impact force as you step on the ground while running and prevents excessive strain on sciatica nerves.

gel pad technology asics for sciatica pain

Moreover, the shoes feature an AMPLIFOAM midsole that is capable of maintaining the durability of the shoes at a softer density. The midsole provides a firmly cushioned energy rebound as you propel forward and maintains your running gait.


To keep your feet breathable and prevent them from sweat bacteria, the shoes feature a ComforDry sock liner. It provides the optimum cushioning performance and offers a more relaxed, drier, and healthier wearing experience for your feet. In this way, your feet will remain aerated and save from blisters on your toes.

If you own an orthotic insert that matches your feet’ arch, you can remove the sock liner and replace it with your insert to support your arch.

Lastly, the rubber sole of these shoes offers a great deal of traction on the surfaces, provides a steady grip, and prevents you from slipping.

Overall Score of ASICS Gel-Contend 5

FactorsPerformance Score (1-5)
Shock Absorption5
Arch Support3

What I liked

  • Suitable for heel-strikers due to rearfoot gel cushioning technology
  • Removable sock liner for replacement with orthotic inserts
  • Great Traction

What I Didn’t Like

  • The toe box is narrow
  • Only suitable for short-distance running

3. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Shoes for Sciatica Nerve Pain

Skechers are some of the best shoes for sciatica sufferers. This shoe pair by Skechers is intended for women who love to wear comfortable and stylish slip-on shoes for walking or jogging. The shoe has a lightweight design that doesn’t put excessive pressure on your lower body. Whether you are at home, sitting at a table, or want to go out for a walk to enjoy nature, you surely would like to buy these comfortable Skechers having a classy look.

If you wear these Skechers, you do not have to worry about the risk of a substantial impact on your feet that runs through sciatic nerves and causes a painful strain on them.


The midsole of the Skechers features a 5gen cushioning technology that is a full-length foam material designed to support your feet and offer a springy push-off. This technology is highly responsive that diminishes the effect of shock and prevents foot fatigue.


Inside the Skechers lies a Goga Max insole that gives a high-energy rebound at every step you take while providing long-lasting comfort and support to your feet. Goga max insole has a soft and plush lining that adapts to the arch of your feet and enhances cushioning. Due to this excellent comfort feature with high responsiveness, you can wear these shoes for feet fitness purposes like exercise.

insole of skechers goga max for sciatica


Additionally, the shoe’s upper is made of a pure breathable mesh fabric with seamless construction that offers a glove-like comfortable fit and minimizes the spots of blisters related to rubbing.

There is also a pull loop on the back of the shoe collar that allows you to quickly wear or take off your shoes without facing any discomfort. Lastly, the shoes have extra padding on the heel collar. It prevents the ankles from rubbing and keeps them free from chaffing while locking your feet into their place in the shoes.

Overall Score of Skechers Women’s Go Walk Shoes

Key Decision-Making FactorsPerformance Rating (1-5)
Ease of Use5

What I Liked

  • Breathable and lightweight
  • High energy-rebound due to Goga Max insole
  • Great cushioning

What I Didn’t Like

  • Size runs larger
  • Outsole is slippery
  • Stylish design

4. Skechers Men’s Classic Fit-Delson – Best Sneakers for Sciatica

These sporty sneakers by Skechers are specifically made for the male professionals who have become the victim of sciatica nerve pain by standing or moving around for long hours on their feet during their duty. If you find yourself among those people, you should surely try out these comfortable sneakers for sciatica pain relief.

Studies have shown that most people, who suffer from sciatica nerve pain, have spent long periods standing on hard floors. Sciatica pain is more severe in the legs as compared to the lower legs. This pain becomes worse when you stand all day long in your duty.

Insole and Midsole

But, don’t worry. These Skechers have got the solution for you. The insole and midsole of these Skechers feature air-cooled Memory Foam technology that provides enough cushioning and support and makes you feel like you are standing on the clouds. Memory foam is the most distinct comfort technology of Skechers, specially intended for those on their feet all day long. It is a cushioned and compression-resistant material that easily molds your feet. The prominent feature about memory foam is that it provides instant support and comfort as soon as you put it on.

memory foam insole for skechers

Memory foam soles give less energy rebound as compared to the Goga Max soles. Due to this reason, these Skechers are suitable for those who have to be on their feet for long hours and need sporty shoes like these Skechers that have an excellent classic fit and offer support and comfort to their feet.


Moreover, the shoes have a breathable mesh fabric upper that is featherweight and keeps your feet breathable during the long hours of standing. There is a leather loop on the front and back that helps pull the shoe on when you need it.

Lastly, the bungee lace feature allows you to easily slip on the sneakers without the hassle of lacing and unlacing them.

Overall Score of Skechers Men’s Classic Fit-Delson

Key Decision-Making FactorsScore (1-5)
Ease of use5

What I Liked

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to put on
  • Fit true to size
  • Durable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Ankle support is not so good
  • Good for low arches
  • Insole is not removable

5. Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking and Running Shoes for Sciatica Problems

If you are a woman and looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes with an athletic look that can relieve sciatica pain, you should include these shoes by Ryka in your collection. These shoes are also intended for women who struggle to get up to their feet for long hours at work or need to walk long miles a day on concrete surfaces or rigid pavements.

 The most prominent feature of these shoes that I like is the extra arch and heel support they can provide to your feet. Suppose you are a person who has medium to high arches. In that case, you should surely try out this wonderful resource that only supports your feet but also offers necessary comfort and cushioning.


The shoes feature an Anatomical Precise-Return contoured insole made of a textile material giving a plush feel to your feet. The deep heel cup provides enough contour to diminish the effect of knee pain. For those people who have sensitive feet and require a soft support system underneath their feet, the sole in these Ryka shoes will be a surprise for you. The insole is also removable so that you can replace it with your custom orthotics.

insole of ryka shoes


As far as the outsole of these shoes is concerned, there are rubber structured pods on the bottom from heel to toe that improve these shoes’ grip.


The midsole structure of these shoes is made of EVA material that is sandwiched between the two layers of RE-ZORB material. This material has the springy characteristic that is responsive and gives a steady energy return by absorbing the impact and making these shoes suitable to walk on concrete floors by preventing extra load on your knees, resulting in sciatica nerve pain.

EVA is a flexible material that is softer and lighter than rubber. This material acts as a cherry on the top that, when combined with the features of RE-ZORB material, enhances the cushioning by absorbing the shock and makes each step more comfortable.

midsole of ryka shoes

Lastly, the shoes are designed to fit the women’s feet by accommodating a narrow heel and broad forefoot for a nice and cozy fit. According to their detailed unboxing review, the shoes are lightweight and have a roomy toe box to adjust wide feet. If you are wearing these shoes while at work, running errands, or exercising in a gym, you are likely to feel comfortable.

In this way, all these features make Ryka sneakers one of the best shoes for sciatica problems.

Overall Rating of Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2

Key Decision-Making FactorsPerformance Rating (1-5)
Arch and Heel Support5
Insole Comfort4
Outsole Grip4
Midsole Cushioning5
Fit for Women’s Feet5
Overall Comfort5

What I Liked

  • Good arch support for medium and high arches
  • Lightweight due to EVA midsole
  • Great fit
  • Soft and plush cushioning
  • Breathable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not good for running
  • Durability is normal

6. Reebok Sublite Cushion Industrial Shoes for Sciatica Sufferers

Are you a regular factory worker who has to wear safety work shoes to protect your feet in a hazardous industrial or construction environment? I recommend you to have your eye on these work shoes by Reebok that will protect your feet and provide comfort and help relieve your sciatica nerve pain.

Now let’s discuss some unique features that make them one of the best safety and work shoes for sciatica problems.


Firstly, the shoes feature a Sublite EVA cushioned midsole that keeps them super lightweight and gives a lot of added shock absorption. Studies have shown that standing 5 hours a day contributes to excessive fatigue in lower limbs that irritates sciatica nerves. The condition becomes dreadful when you stand on hard concrete floors in a hazardous factory environment. The cushioned midsole of these shoes emerges as a blessing that absorbs the shock and protects your feet from solid impact.


Also, the shoes have a comfy removable MemoryTech Massage Footbed, having a ribby texture that gives your feet a nice massage throughout the day when you are at work. The footbed also easily forms to the unique contour of your feet for immediate comfort.

insole of reebok shoes


The shoes also have a breathable mesh upper with a synthetic overlay that stabilizes the shoes’ structure and helps retain their shape. The breathable mesh keeps your feet aerated and free from sweat when you are on your duty. There is an alloy safety toe that is lightweight and has a strong impact resistance that makes them safety shoes in a true sense.


If you fear slipping at the workplace, don’t worry; the shoes have a rubber outsole with a forefoot and rearfoot pad that gives excellent traction and protects you from slipping.

You might think that a hard alloy toe may make the shoes rigid and you find difficulty putting forward your steps as it happens typically in safety shoes. But don’t worry, that’s not the case here. There are also full flex grooves in an outsole that still offer mobility and allow for a greater range of motion even with an alloy toe.

flexbility of reebok shoes

Overall Rating of Reebok Sublite Cushion Industrial Shoes

Key Decision-Making FactorsScore (1-5)
Shock Absorption5
Foot Support4
Toe Protection5

What I Liked

  • Breathable mesh upper and moisture-wicking nylon lining
  • Great comfort and cushioning due to EV midsole and removable MemoryTech footbed
  • Lightweight
  • Great fit

What I DIdn’t Like

  • No arch support

7. New Balance M1260v6 Running Shoes for Sciatica Problems

These shoes are also intended to provide comfort to athletes or long-distance runners suffering from sciatica nerve pain and overpronation issues. The shoes are made with high-quality materials and support systems to make the running experience more pleasant and full of a comfy ride.


The main feature of these shoes is the full-length ABZRORB midsole and N2 cushioning technology in the heel section. The combination of these two technologies that are layered in the midsole label it as a “dual-density.” ABZORB is a rubber-like material that has excellent cushioning and features compression set properties. Due to this material, the midsole resists compression, absorbs the shock on impact, and maintains good support underneath your feet.

N2 cushioning technology is a foam material that is placed in the heel. It is suitable for heel strikers as it is responsive and has a durable cushioning system. In addition to increasing the comfortable underfoot feeling, it also enhances the cushioned and plush feel of the platform.

Support System

Like ASICS, as I described above, the shoes also feature a TPU shank in the midsole that increases the stability of your feet and helps to reduce the strain on sciatica nerves. This structure is responsible for preventing uneven running gait and avoiding any kind of discomfort or injury.


The shoes also feature a removable ortholite insert that offers added cushioning arch support underneath your feet. You can replace them with your custom insert that matches your feet’ curvature.

new balance shoes for sciatica


The outsole of these shoes is made of two rubber components. The heel area is firmer and made of a more robust compound, i.e., Ndurance. It is a durable material and shields the platform from wear and tear. It also enhances the grip of the shoes. The forefoot part of the sole is made of an air-injected rubber that is softer, flexible, and provides additional cushioning.


Lastly, the shoe’s upper features a breathable woven fabric-like mesh with synthetic overlays that keeps your feet cool and dry while you are running. The flexible upper comfortably snugs up and will give you a glove-like fit.

Overall Rating of New Balance M1260v6

FactorsScore (1-5)
Support System4

What I Liked

  • Great arch support
  • Good for sciatica pain
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Nicely fit

What I Didn’t Like

  • A bit pricey as compared to other similar shoes like ASICS

8. Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Slip-On – Comfortable Shoes for Sciatica Problems

These shoes are intended for men who are working professionals, doing office jobs, and looking for some casual style slip-on shoes that provide cushioning and offer a secure and snug fit to your feet so that your feet do not slip inside the shoes. You can also relieve sciatica nerve pain by wearing these loafers by Crocs.


The loafers feature all those technologies that aim to support when you are suffering from a sciatica problem. Firstly, the insole of these casual loafers features dual croslite comfort technology developed by a combination of memory foam and croslite material. Croslite is a closed-cell foam resin material that is dense and compression-resistant. It has an extraordinary impact-absorbing material that provides support and cushioning to your feet.

Moreover, the closed-cell properties of the material also inhibit bacterial and fungal growth inside the shoes which can prevent your feet’ skin from infections.

The blend of memory foam with croslite acts as a cherry on a top that supports your heel and feet metatarsals by offering an extra-plush feel and added comfort.


The shoes upper is made of rugged canvas that got some sketch corners so that you can easily slide in and out your feet. As far as the fit of these shoes is concerned, they provide a relaxed and secure fit to your feet and prevent them from slipping the shoes.

I have made a detailed guide on crocs shoe sizes and fits to get an idea of precisely the relaxed fit in crocs and how crocs shoes fit.

What I Liked

  • Easy to wear on or take-off
  • Cushioned Dual Crocs Comfort footbed
  • Relaxed fit
  • Lightweight
  • Removable insole

What I Didn’t Like

  • The insole is thick and not durable; you can take them out and replace them with your custom insole

9. Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs – Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems

These shoes are specially made for professionals, including nurses, chefs, or retail cashiers who have to stand for long hours on their feet and suffer from sciatica problems. These clogs have a professional and premium look that fits perfectly with the several dress codes.


The term “XP” in the label of Dansko shoes means ‘Extra Performance.’ This pair of shoes is an enhanced version of Dansko Professional Clogs. Dansko XP clogs have a removable soft memory foam insole, while in Dansko professional, the insole is not removable.


Another difference is that this Dansko XP has a cold-molded EVA midsole, while Dansko professional has a polyurethane midsole. The advantage of the EVA midsole is that it is incredibly lightweight, and it is supported by softer construction all around.

Being a lighter-weight midsole, a structural element, i.e., TPU arch stabilizer is reinforced in the base of these clogs that offer exceptional all-day support to the arch of your feet.

dansko shoes for sciatica

Also, the memory foam insole provides excellent arch support and shock absorption feature by providing sufficient cushioning and support underneath your feet. Moreover, the moisture-wicking lining of the footbed will keep your feet free from moisture as well. If you have your custom orthotic insert recommended by your podiatrist, you can also insert it by removing the footbed.

Shoes Bottom

Furthermore, if you have flat feet, the rocker bottom sole of these clogs allows smooth transition of your body weight from heel to toe while maintaining your walking gait cycle.  According to the research, flat feet people have pronation issues that cause rotational stress from feet up to your lower back, resulting in irritation in sciatica nerves. For this reason, rocker bottom sole alleviates this problem by allowing even distribution of your body weight across your entire feet.

Lastly, the clogs also have a TPU heel counter in the back that provides support to your ankles and prevents the rubbing of the shoes on the back of the heel.

What I Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Good arch support
  • Great comfort
  • Heel support due to TPU counter
  • Removable footbed

What I Didn’t LIKE

  • It can be squeaky on waxed hospital floors
  • A bit tight on the front foot

10. Skechers Work Sure Track – Women’s Work Shoes for Sciatica Problems

These work shoes are intended for women who work in healthcare or foodservice industries where they have to stand for long hours on their feet and prevent themselves from slipping. These shoes have come from Skechers’ Work Sneakers collection. Like other shoes, these shoes are also designed with some great features that can help to relieve sciatica pain.


Firstly, the shoes feature a FlexSole shock absorbing midsole design that is supremely lightweight and helps absorb shock and impact while standing on your feet. The midsole is flexible enough due to grooves that enhance mobility and allow a greater range of motion.

In addition, the shoes have a removable memory foam midsole that enhances support and comfort and offers a plush feel underneath your feet. The memory foam is so comfy that it makes you feel like you are stepping on a pillow. You can also replace your custom inserts with those memory insoles to support your arch.

Another feature that I like about these shoes is the sufficient amount of padding in the back of the shoes that support your ankles and prevents the shoes from rubbing the back of your ankles.


The shoes also have a slip-resistant nitrile rubber outsole that is tested according to the ASTM F167 standard.

Lastly, the shoe’s upper is made of 100% durable leather that protects your feet from dust, hot water, or hazardous chemical spills.

What I Liked

  • Wide toe box
  • Lightweight
  • Durable leather
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Great comfort and ankle support

What I Didn’t Like

  • The shoes do not breathe very well

11. SPIRA Classic Leather Walking Shoes for Sciatica Nerve Pain

These shoes are specially intended for athletic activities, running errands, or walking purposes. Over the years, athletes, runners, and casual walkers have complained about the strong impact that hits on their feet from the surface.


SPIRA engineers have introduced a unique technology called WaveSpring. This technology is embedded in the heel and forefoot of the midsole of these shoes and stores the energy at each step and then disperses it back to the wearer while offering an ultimate cushioning experience.

WaveSpring technology works by relieving the extra burden off your feet’ joints. Most shoes rely on gel or foam material technology, whose cushioning tendency starts diminishing over time. The specialty of WaveSpring technology is that it is based on a mechanical system and maintains its ‘new-shoe feel’ over time.

The shoes also feature a platform heel feature with a heel height of 1.75 inches. You can feel taller by wearing these shoes. The platform heel elevates the balls of your feet and heels that keep your feet at a more comfortable angle, thereby reducing strain on the lower limbs. This will ultimately help in alleviating sciatica nerve pain.


Lastly, the shoes have removable padded insoles. If you have a custom orthotic, you use it to provide support to your feet.

What I Liked

  • Great walking shoes with arch support
  • 100% durable leather that improves the life of the shoes
  • Fit true to foot width
  • Comfortable shoe to relieve plantar fasciitis

What I Didn’t Like

  • Bit heavy due to spring technology
  • Not slip resistant

How I Picked the Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems – Ultimate Buying Guide

I hope that you might have found reviews of the best shoes for sciatica problems quite helpful. After spending 72+ hours and digging into 100s of products, I have come up with the 11 best shoes that relieve sciatica nerve pain. Some of the options are available for both men and women, while some are only gender-specific.

As everyone has specific needs for shoe selection, if you can’t still decide which pair of shoes for sciatica pain relief you should buy, I would recommend you to read our buyer’s guide below.

In this guide, we have covered all the essential features and aspects you should consider while buying the best shoes for sciatica problems.

Comfort and Shock Absorption

Shoes comfort is the most important factor that you should consider while buying shoes that relieve sciatica pains. Now, it should be noted that the degree of comfort is majorly dependent on your needs. More comfort means more price for your shoe.

People belonging to different professional backgrounds, and suffering from sciatica problems, require a specific degree of comfort. Whether you are a runner, walker, athlete, a working professional, or a factory worker who has to stand on your feet for long hours, you are demanding shoes of specific style and features that not only relieve sciatica pain but also provide the necessary comfort for your needs.

If I say that you are a runner or an athlete and go for Dansko clogs, sound crazy? Of Course, Dansko clogs are one of the best comfortable shoes for sciatica pain and problems related to flat feet; but these shoes can’t provide the necessary comfort and support to a runner or an athlete. These are only designed for short walkers or working professionals.

Therefore, the rule of thumb is that comfortable shoes for sciatica pain should have a lightweight, padded tongue and heel collar, a moisture-wicking footbed that gives a plush feel to your feet, and a lightweight shock-absorbing flexible midsole that protects your feet from solid impact. If you find these features in the above-reviewed shoe models, you can buy them that suit your profession and meet your needs without a second thought.


Another way proper shoes can help sciatica is the arch support. Arch support is an important aspect you should give attention to. Shoes with good arch support help in minimizing pain and relieving pressure on your lower limbs. Depending on your foot mechanics, good arch support can control the uncontrolled motion of your foot that can run through the leg and lower back and can cause irritation in sciatica nerves.

Excessive and ill-mannered movement of the foot is transferred to knee joints. In that case, sciatica nerves serve as a medium to trigger that pain from the knee to the lower back. Custom orthotic inserts can help to control those movements and alleviate this cascade effect that runs through the buttock and lower back.

Therefore, shoes with good arch support feature removable insoles so that if you have custom orthotic inserts, you can easily place them inside the shoes.


A pair of shoes with all prominent features like support and comfort is useless if it does not fit true to size. It should handle several foot issues like swollen feet, bunions, etc. If you buy a bigger pair, it will cause erratic movements of your feet. Too small shoes can form blisters on your toes and ankles. Therefore, before buying the best shoes for sciatica problems from our picks, as mentioned earlier, always check the brand’s shoe sizing chart and return policy.


You spend hundreds of dollars buying the perfect shoes for your needs. It will be a heartbreaking situation if your shoe material starts peeling off or the material quality gets diminished over time.

Therefore, the material of the shoes should be of higher quality so that they can last for a longer time. The shoes for working professionals and walking shoes that I have reviewed above are made of synthetic or natural leather. Some shoes have a breathable upper mesh with synthetic overlays. So, you don’t have to worry about it and can buy any pair of shoes for sciatica problems according to your requirements.


Stiff shoes cause blisters and limit your foot movement. Good shoes for sciatica should be flexible enough to improve your feet’ mobility and allow a greater range of motion.

Final Thoughts about the Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems

Wearing the best shoes for sciatica problems is the most cost effective and easiest way to relieve sciatica nerve pain that can save you from subsequent expensive treatments if the pain worsens.  The features to look for in the best shoes for sciatica pain sufferers are lightweight, padded collar and tongue, cushioned midsole, and padded footbed.

You will find all those features in the shoes that I have reviewed in this article after 72+ hours of research.

I hope that you will find a perfect pair of shoes that aligns with your needs and prevents sciatica pain from spiraling out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoes for Sciatica Problems

Can shoes affect sciatica?

Yes, if you buy shoes without any research that have an improper fitting, bad support and less cushioning. Such shoes exert excessive pressure on your feet that can irritate sciatica nerves. Therefore, buy the shoes for sciatica from the options mentioned earlier that I have shortlisted after extensive research.

Can flat shoes cause sciatica?

According to the research, flat shoes are 25% more likely to cause sciatica pain than heel platform shoes. When you wear flat shoes, they will cause rotational stress from your feet to run up to your hip and lower back. This stress on your back and buttock imbalances your walking gait and puts immense pressure on the sciatica nerves that lead to sciatica.

Can shoe insoles help sciatica?

Yes, shoe insoles have a strong impact on relieving sciatica nerve pain. Custom orthotics are recommended to place in the shoes as they perfectly match your feet’ curvature and prevent a poor posture or an unbalanced gait. Due to this reason, the shoes that I have reviewed have a removable insole so that if it does not match your arch, you can remove it and replace it with your custom orthotic inserts.

Can high heels help sciatica nerve pain?

Wearing high heels push your weight forward which causes you to flex at the hip to stay upright. This could generate strain in the sciatica nerve that results in pain problems. Due to this reason, a high heel is not recommended if you are a sciatica pain sufferer.

Can sciatica occur down both legs?

Yes, sciatica can affect either side of the body. However, many cases involve symptoms affecting the right side first before moving over to the other side. In fact, studies show that about 80% of all sciatica patients suffer from problems on the right side of the body.

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