Bull Boxer Shoes Review [The Good and the Bad!]

Searching about Bull Boxer shoes review? BullBoxer is a shoe company that puts an awesome focus on comfort, style, and durability. In this review, I will go over the features and benefits of each kind of shoe that BullBoxer has to offer and my opinions about the quality.

BullBoxer Shoes Varieties

BullBoxer first started making casual shoes in 1980 by incorporating the juice of comfort, style and durability in them. As the company grew, BullBoxer extended its line of shoes for both men and women.

Previously, Bullboxer shoes and sneakers were sold on dsw.com website. But, now this site is no more available. You can buy BullBoxer shoes either on their official site or on the Zappos store. According to their website, at this time, the BullBoxer brand covers the following variety of footwear for men.

So, among all, the BullBoxer brand majorly focuses on introducing new styles of casual sneakers. That’s why they’re the highest in number.

Their lacing shoes majorly consist of dress shoes, which you can wear at different events and parties.

BullBoxer includes slippers and slip-on shoes all in one category. Currently, there are only three designs of Bullboxer slip-on shoes. They all look almost similar. I didn’t find anything special in them. So, I’d recommend you to buy slip-on shoes from other famous brands like Skechers, Dansko, etc.

BullBoxer brand also makes some great styles of footwear for women – you can check them here. Like men, BullBoxer also focuses majorly on women’s sneakers. Apart from them, other women’s footwear includes sandals, heels, boots, and espadrilles.

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Bull Boxer Dress Shoes Review – Are They Good?

BullBoxer dressing shoes are nice, but signs of quality control issues. If you decide to keep them, you will want to be very diligent in caring for them.

After surveying relevant forums, I found that BullBoxer dressing shoes typically last for one year if you wear them occasionally. The stitching of the soles with the BullBoxer dress shoe’s upper is not nicely done. Due to this, wearers complain that the soles start separating from the shoes after some time.

These quality issues are justifiable as Bullboxer shoes are pretty affordable. According to the prices on their site, you can buy these dress shoes under $90. In my view, this isn’t bad as you’re getting more than what you’re paying for.

Still, the rest of the BullBoxer dressing shoe design is in great condition and still very comfortable. The BullBoxer dress shoe is a rugged yet classy men’s shoe. BullBoxer’s design team uses only top-quality tan leather. However, the leather of the BullBoxer dress isn’t super glossy like other dress shoes from famous brands like Cole Haan shoes. I liked that leather texture. A few layers of wax are layered over it, creating a marble-like texture. You can check out the picture here.

Bull Boxer Sneakers Review

Bullboxer brand makes different styles of sneakers, ranging from plain leather upper to textured leather. These casual sneakers look great with jeans.

Furthermore, BullBoxer sneakers feature a low-cut design for a more edgy look and a mid-top design that provides good ankle support. Moreover, all styles of BullBoxer sneakers fit comfortably to your feet.

They have padding on the tongue and collar for added comfort with a soft leather lining that delivers a plush feel to your feet. Also, they feature a removable cushioned footbed that is gonna help absorb shock and keep you comfortable while you’re on your feet.

The only problem with BullBoxer sneakers is their durability and poor construction. Let’s take an example of BullBoxer Sneaker Cognac. On several forums and platforms, I asked people who owned these sneakers. These are low-cut casual sneakers with a plain leather upper. Almost all the customers were satisfied with their style, comfort and leather quality. Their only concern was the durability of these sneakers. Here was users’ response.

Bull Boxer Shoes Review

Bullboxer also makes casual sneakers with a blend of an engineered mesh upper with traditional leather overlays for a supportive fit and increased breathability.

After a lot of research and recommendations from several users, I found two famous casual sneakers that were included in this category.

One is BullBoxer Demetri. It provides good arch support. Furthermore, these sneakers feature elastic laces that allow the shoes to be quickly put on, and easily taken off. However, the durability of these sneakers is same as the previous ones as the midsole is glued to the upper.

Another example is BullBoxer Sneaker White 423K20485AOWBKSU. As far as durability is concerned, these sneakers are considerably durable compared to the previous options as reinforcement stitching is done on the midsole fix it with the sneakers’ upper.

However, there are few drawbacks.

One of them is that their arch support is not so good because the bottom of these sneakers is almost flat. You need to buy orthotic inserts to make support better. Furthermore, the heel collar is not fully padded and tries to dig into the heels. You can check my guide on preventing shoes from digging into the heel to resolve this issue.

BullBoxer Women’s Boots Review

On BullBoxer’s site, there are several styles of women’s boots. Their ankle Chelsea boots are higher in demand, and I’d recommend you consider them as you can buy them under the price of $85.

After searching around several relevant forums and social media groups, I found these Ankle Boots Brown. Several users claim that these BullBoxer boots are pretty comfortable due to their interior leather lining. Moreover, the pull tab collar allows you to take on/off your boots easily.

Furthermore, the buckles and zip around the elastic goring allow you to adjust the fit of the boots around your ankles.

The following are the reviews I found on a forum when talking about these boots.

BullBoxer Women’s Boots Review

Should I Buy BullBoxer Shoes?

I’d only suggest you consider their sneakers as the main focus of this brand is to introduce modern, comfortable sneakers. Currently, on their website, they don’t have men’s boots in stock. However, there are several varieties of women’s boots. You can check out the one I discussed above, as I’ve found some great reviews for them in different forums.

Most Popular BullBoxer Shoes

Here are some of the best BullBoxer shoes.

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