Dhgate Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit?

Are you confused about Dhgate shoes reviews and thinking whether to buy your favorite shoes from the Dhgate platform or not?

In this article, we’re going to answer that question based on the users’ reviews.

Dhgate Shoes Reviews

According to the experiences of several customers, who have bought shoes from Dhgate, the price of the shoes from Dhgate is not expensive, and the quality of shoes justifies the amount you’re paying for your shoes. While buying shoes, keep in mind that whether you buy Adidas or Nike shoes, please don’t expect that you’d get the real shoes, and their durability would be awesome like the original one.

The sneakers and shoes on Dhgate are just replicas of original brands. You need to carefully analyze customers’ reviews on different sellers’ profiles so that you can get the best quality for the price you will be paying.

Is Dhgate Legit Platform?

Dhgate is one of the leading online wholesale websites, with a great selection, money-back guarantee, and a solid reputation. However, this doesn’t preclude some Internet users from questioning its credibility due to extremely cheaper products sold on this platform.

Honest reviews from users indicate that the quality of items varies, but you won’t be disappointed with your purchase if you’ve chosen well. Regarding shipping, there have been some complaints about items being late, but this mostly happens during busy days like Christmas.

The other major problem of Dhgate is the poor tracking system of the order. Many users have faced this problem as they can’t track the delivery of their item after placing the order, due to which they assume that they have got scammed by Dhgate. This case might be exceptional, but some users have faced this.

Here’s what a user says about the delivery system of Dhgate.

Is Dhgate Legit Platform

Here’s what another user says about the shipping service of Dhgate.

Dhgate is a trusted platform like amazon and alibaba

So, I’d advise you whether you buy shoes or another item from Dhgate, always buy from the highest rated sellers. Also, check all the reviews of buyers on that particular item sold by the respective seller. I always follow this step, and I’ve never faced a problem. I have even tried the AliExpress platform, which is also located in China. I receive the item within 30 to 40 days from the time it is ordered.

Furthermore, most customers found the quality of products from Dhgate to be fairly good for the most part, but there were reports of some faulty items that had to be returned. Overall, this appears to be a good site with which to buy your items. However, there are only trusted sellers that are known for good quality products. Since I’ve researched and experience buying shoes from Dhgate, I’ve only discussed them in this article.

I found this comment on a Youtube video by a person who buys shoes frequently from Dhgate.

get replicas of shoes like Nike and jordans from Dhgate

You can also check out this detailed tutorial on shopping from Dhgate.

Dhgate Yeezy Review

People are going crazy with the expensive Yeezy line of Adidas shoes. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is only the second silhouette that Kanye West has released since signing with Adidas and has arguably become one of the most recognized sneakers in the world. The shoe is priced at $200 and usually sells out quickly, making it hard to find.

This expensive price tag comes as a result of Adidas wanting exclusivity on their collaboration product, something that only rarely happens for companies like Nike or Under Armour.

If you can’t afford such an expensive line of shoes, Dhgate is the best platform to buy these cool and stylish Yeezy shoes replica at highly affordable prices.

I’d recommend you to buy Yeezy shoes from topsportmarket store on Dhgate. It is a trusted seller, and many customers are satisfied with the quality of its shoes. When you go to the store by clicking on “topsportmarket” text, you’ll see the option of store categories in the left sidebar like this.

buy replica of adidas yeezy shoes from dhgate

After that, click on the first category, and you’ll see the option of PK version shoes in the left sidebar like this.

trusted seller to buy replica of adidas yeezy shoes from dhgate

When you click on the PK version shoes, you’ll see a whole list of shoes that are similar to Adidas Yeezy shoes.

adidas yeezy shoes replicas on dhgate

In this way, you can buy the replica of your favorite shoes at affordable prices.

Note: There is a bug on the site due to which you may not be able to access all the options, as shown in the pictures above, through the direct link I have given. So, if this happens, just type “topstoremarket dhgate” in google, click on the first result and follow the above steps.

Here’s what a user says about shoes from topstoremarket Dhgate during a discussion on Reddit.

Dhgate Yeezy Review

Another user also bought Yeezy shoes from topsportmarket. When I asked about its reviews from him, here was his response.

adidas yeezy shoes review from topsportmarket

Here, PK is a shoemaker factory that manufactures the Yeezy shoes knockoffs. It implements BASF boost technology that is very similar to retail Adidas Boost. You can read more about the PK factory here.

You can also check out this video in which a guy compares real Adidas shoes with PK ones.

You can also check this article to know more about different trusted sellers on Dhgate from which you can get a good quality replica of Yeezy shoes.

Dhgate Basketball Shoes Review – Should I Buy Them?

I’d not recommend you to buy basketball shoes replicas from Dhgate. Basketball shoes from Dhgate look similar to famous original ones like Nike Kyrie 4 shoes and Jordans. You SHOULD buy their replicas from Dhgate if you want to wear basketball shoes casually and showcase your style.

As far as performance is concerned, these cheaper basketball shoes from Dhgate are not good. Even Dhgate will discourage you if they get to know that you’re buying these shoes to play basketball.

Here’s what a user says in a community of Dhgate on Reddit.

Dhgate Basketball Shoes Review

 So, if you wish to get a replica of your favorite Jordans, you can buy from this seller on Dhgate.

To get affordable original and high-performance Basketball shoes for hooping, you can check my article on the best basketball shoes.

Dhgate Balenciaga Shoes Review

If you’re a fashion lover, it’s no secret that you’ve heard of Balenciaga. Known for his avant-garde style, Cristobal Balenciaga is the founder of the House of Balenciaga, and his work is represented by celebrities such as Beyonce, Pharell Williams, Kate Middleton, and Brie Larson.

There are people on Dhgate who sell replica of Balenciaga shoes that are so convincing that even high-end fashion experts can’t tell them apart from the real ones.

For instance, if I talk about the brand’s one of the most famous styles i.e., Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, the retail price of these sneakers is currently $890. The reason for this high price is that the tower-like sole of these sneakers is made by stacking of the molds that are taken from running shoes, basketball shoes, and track shoes. This innovative sole construction of this sneaker will provide you with a further level of comfort, allowing you to perform all day long without undue fatigue.

You’ll find many sellers on Dhgate selling the replica of these Balenciaga Triple S sneakers at cheaper prices. Please keep in mind that don’t expect the same performance and quality of materials which is embedded in real Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. You should wear these replicas of Balenciaga as fashion sneakers.

After researching different forums and asking several people, the best seller from which you can buy a replica of Balenciaga Triple Sneakers is sb dunk store.

Here’s what customers from the USA have reviewed on them.

Dhgate Balenciaga Shoes Review

There’s another seller i.e., hotsaletrade; you can also buy Balenciaga Triple S sneakers from them.

Can I Buy Shoes from Dhgate – Final Thoughts

Yes, you can buy shoes from Dhgate without worrying about being scammed. But, keep in mind that you should only buy your favorite shoes from trusted sellers on Dhgate. Some people end up losing their money because they don’t check the seller’s history. So, I’d recommend you only buy your shoes from trusted sellers (stores) on Dhgate mentioned above.

If you have any questions or can’t find the item in the store, you can feel free to ask in the comments section. I’ll research and find another trusted store on Dhgate for you.

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