Can I Wear Turf Shoes On Grass? (Yes, But…….)

Turf shoes consist of highly durable small rubber nubs scattered uniformly throughout on the outsole. Usually, softball/baseball fields, rugby, or soccer fields are grounds for which turf shoes are designed. Wearing turf shoes on other surfaces may cause the sole to wear out quickly, and they may even feel uncomfortable.

After hearing or reading all that stuff, you should be thinking: can I wear turf shoes on grass? Yes, you can wear turf shoes on outdoor grass if the grass is short and the grass field is hard and properly dried out. Turf shoes with closely spaced and uniform short nubs provide sufficient traction on such surfaces. A typical turf grass on the football or soccer field is usually composed of a base layer of sand or concrete mixed with natural topsoil. The short rubber spikes on turf shoes outsole dig into a very shallow sandpapery turf surface to grip the ground in a manner that allows you to stop or change direction with significantly less effort.

Is It Safe to Wear Turf Shoes on a Dry Grass?

Yes, it’s safe to wear turf shoes on dry grass just like you wear them on artificial grass (turf), provided that the grass flakes are shorter in length. Wearing turf shoes is better than soccer cleats on dry grass because turf shoes have shorter studs, and this is why turf shoes are safer to use on dry dirt. If the grass is more extended, turf shoes with short nubs can’t deliver sufficient traction as they can’t penetrate in the long grass.

I found a sportsman on Reddit who had vast experience with the turf shoes on different surfaces. I asked him about the condition of wearing turf shoes on outdoor grass. Here was his response:

You might be able to get away with wearing turf on grass if the grass is cut really short and is really hard and dry. I play on a field that isn’t watered regularly, and many people wear turf shoes in July and August.

Also, when wearing turf shoes on dry grass, make sure to run smoothly and without sudden cutting and stops. Because abrupt movements may tear the upper section of the turf shoe and may deteriorate the rubber nubs on the outsole, which can cause injury to your foot.

Can I Wear Turf Shoes on a Wet Grass?

No, you can’t wear turf shoes on wet grass. The only condition of wearing turf shoes safely on grass is that the grass should be shallow, dry, and hard.

Turf shoes are more treacherous in wet conditions as short rubber lugs will fill with dirt and mud, due to which they couldn’t provide sufficient grip on wet grass. This tendency for athletes to wear turf shoes when playing on a damp field has resulted in several knee injuries over the years.

Can Turf Shoes be used on dirt?

You can wear turf shoes on dirt if speed is not a factor in your game. Turf shoes are meant to wear on well-manicured fields, which in my book means no dirt. So, if you’re just pitching, it’s fine to wear turf shoes on dirt, but they will not improve your game as you’ll be somehow restricted due to speed.

Can You Wear Turf Shoes Anywhere?

Turf shoes are known for their comfort. So, you can wear turf shoes anywhere except hard outdoor surfaces. As the material on the outsole is short rubber nubs, you would like to cause them to wear out faster on hard and rough outdoor surfaces, due to which they will start losing their grip.

Turf Shoes vs. Molded Cleats

Turf shoe design is so versatile and practical that it has become an option for any sports activity. They are more lightweight and flexible alternative to typical cleats. Turf shoes are known for comfort, but you cannot run fast enough on the grass with turf shoes as turf shoes start losing grip when you start accelerating in the game.

Molded cleats are better for damp conditions as the cleats are not closely spaced like nubs of turf shoes, thus offer more dirt chew up on wet grass. The pointed shape of cleats prevents the clogging of mud between them and provides sufficient traction on muddy and wet grass.

Having a pair of turf shoes ensures you have painless gameplay, and they’re more forgiving if you have a sprained ankle or sore knee.

Molded soccer cleats might have a higher risk of injuries and a shorter lifespan than you realize. Wearing molded cleats can hinder your body’s ability to make rapid changes in direction or stop suddenly. When you change direction with screwed-in soccer cleats, you have to worry about your studs catching on the ground and jerking on your ankles. Due to this reason, they allow less foot movement and cause more stress on the knees, increasing the injury risk.

My Recommended Turf Shoes to Wear on Grass

After consulting several sportsmen on different forums, here are my top picks for turf shoes that are comfortable and safe enough to wear on dry grass.

New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Shoes

New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Shoes are designed for stability and comfort. The shoes are made with leather upper and have special traction on the sole made of rubber. There is also a piece of shock absorption between the heel and the sole to reduce shock to the body.

These shoes feature new Balance’s exclusive FreshFoam technology to provide cushioning like running shoes. Furthermore, they’ve got a low-bootie construction, which is great for ankle support.

Walk on grass, dirt, or turf in the same pair of shoes; positioned scientifically for low profile cushioning, maximum comfort, and efficient energy return, you’ll find everything in these shoes.

This is what a user says about them:

These carve through the grass just as well as any cleat I’ve owned. The big test for me was the infield dirt, and these did not disappoint.

Despite all the good features, the customers face sizing issues in these New Balance shoes. They’ve complained that the shoes run a tad small and tighter for people with wide feet.

New Balance 4040 V5 Turf Shoe

If you need kind of more stability for abrupt movements in your game, these New Balance 4040 turf shoes are suitable for you. They have a sleek design as compared to New Balance 3000 V4 Turf Shoe. They feature TPU plate in the midsole that has higher compression resistance and shows excellent abrasion resistance. Furthermore, New Balance 4040 shoes have a reinforced toe for an added support.

Mizuno Ambition All Surface Turf Shoe

These are the best budget turf shoes, having great arch support and ideal for people with wide feet. Made for grass, turf, and other all-surface playing surfaces, they feature a durable rubber outsole with longer spikes than New Balance turf shoes.

The only downside of these Mizuno turf shoes is that they’re only available in black and white color. As far as durability, comfort, and performance is concerned, Mizuno turf shoes are unmatchable.

Adidas Predator 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoe

These are among the top-end models of Adidas turf shoes. Adidas Predator 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoes are designed for superior performance on firm natural grass fields. They give you a more comfortable fit and provides enhanced touch for maximum control.

The downside of Adidas Predators is that these shoes are super tight. So, you might have to try different sizes to find the best fit for you. Another flaw is that the heel notch in these shoes is so high and hard that it’ll rub against your skin. You can check my guide on how to stop shoes from rubbing the back of the ankle to get rid of this issue.

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