Can You Run in Crossfit Shoes? (Answer with Examples!)

Crossfit shoes feature a lot of grip and flexibility to perform functional exercises such as squats, burpees, deadlifts, pull-ups, and jumping activities.

As the popularity of Crossfit shoes continues to spread, more and more people are using Crossfit shoes for a wide range of exercise routines like jumping, lifting, climbing, etc. I’m sure you have seen people running while wearing CrossFit shoes along the road, and you might be wondering about asking: can you run in CrossFit shoes?

The answer is both yes and no. It depends on the brand from which CrossFit shoes you’re using.  Crossfit shoes are designed for workout activities, but that does not equate to being the best footwear for running. Some brands, such as Nike and Reebok, design CrossFit shoes that are generally suitable for short WOD run, up to 1 mile. For long-distance running, you would need to have a dedicated pair of running shoes. Don’t wear those running shoes for lifting, as the heel-toe-toe drop in running shoes will tend to push your body forward while lifting.

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The research was carried out on the effect of CrossFit shoes on the Achillies’ tendons during running. In that study, it was concluded that the impact on Achillies tendons was significantly more significant with CrossFit shoes with minimal sole than conventional running shoes.

Jonathon Sinclair, a professor of School of Sport, University of Lancashire, says:

CrossFit athletes who select barefoot and minimalist footwear for their running training may be at increased risk from Achilles tendon pathology compared to conventional footwear conditions.

Your CrossFit shoes shouldn’t be too squishy to put you off balance while doing a workout, and not be as clunky as the dedicated weightlifting shoes if you want to get the advantage of running and daily workout with your CrossFit shoes.

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How do Crossfit Shoes Differ from Running Shoes?

As compared to running shoes, CrossFit shoes have:

  • Lesser cushioning
  • More stability
  • More grip on the bottom
  • Thinner and relatively flat sole

Crossfit shoes are not as comfortable as running shoes in terms of cushioning. Crossfit shoes have a wide base. This allows for a sturdy footing, stability, and balance.

Wearing CrossFit shoes for long-distance running is critical as heavy running can lead to injuries and repetitive stress on the musculoskeletal system. Running shoes tend to be lighter than CrossFit shoes. This is due to the fact that running shoes are built for shock absorption, while CrossFit shoes are built for stability and mobility.

Also, Running shoes have higher heel-to-toe drop as compared to CrossFit shoes. This reinforces the foot-ground connection, which helps runners maintain balance, momentum, and foot placement during running. On the other hand, CrossFit shoes with a minimal and thin sole provide more control over a range of activities and provide good support when you’re lifting weights.

Furthermore, CrossFit shoes have more solid material, majorly leather overlays wrapping around the upper, for a more secure and supportive fit. While running shoes’ upper is primarily soft and flexible. It majorly comprises 70% engineered mesh with synthetic overlays on the sides to provide stability.

Another difference between CrossFit and running shoes is that CrossFit shoes have more grip on the bottom, due to which they’re not suitable for long-distance running. The grip is essential to grab your feet tightly to the gym floor while doing weight lifting.

What Crossfit Shoes Can I Wear for Short Distance Running?

After asking some trainers and fitness professionals, I’ve found the following CrossFit shoes from Nike and Rebook with enough cushioning to get you through the short runs after daily workouts. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend running in these shoes for more than 500m.

If you for daily running workouts, you can run up to 2 to 3 miles in them. But it totally depends on your muscles strength that would decide the running distance in CrossFit shoes.

Reebok Speed Tr Cross Trainer

Some trainers have reported that Reebok Speed Tr Crossfit shoes can be used for running up to 3 miles. Their forefoot has enough cushioning to be comfortable for running. Reebok speed Tr are hard on the bottom, which makes them great for Olympic lifting and squatting.

This is what a user says about Reebok Tr Crosstrainers:

This is the best all-around fitness shoe I’ve owned. Speed TR’s can do it all, I’ve done everything from squats to short runs to playing basketball in these, and they handle it all more than capably.

Real User Review

Despite being all-around fitness shoes, there’s an issue with their durability. Some users have reported that after some days, holes start appearing in the mesh. Furthermore, the rubber chunks on the outsole wear away very quickly. Performance-wise, these shoes are great.

Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Reebok Nano 9 cross trainers are great for lifting and metcon work. Several trainers report that you can’t run more than 1 mile in these shoes. However, if you try to run for the first time in these shoes, you would not run more than 400m.  These are pretty flat and wide as compared to Reebok Speed Tr and have excellent stability. You can get a more grounded feel during weightlifting as their bottom is quite rigid.

Reebok Nano 9 cross-trainers also have durability issues. Several users have claimed that the soles start peeling off after 1 to 2 months if you perform intense workouts of around 15 hrs daily in these shoes.

Nike Metcon Training Shoes

To maximize support, Nike Metcons training shoes feature Nike’s exclusive Flywire technology. The primary function of Nike Flywire is to reduce the weight of the shoe while maintaining its strength.

This is accomplished by incorporating newly developed fabrics with traditional weaving techniques, such as nylon or polyester threads weaved in a fishnet pattern over a mesh base. What’s left are strands that are strong and elastic enough to act like cables that bind together with other layers of fabric in the shoe.

Nike Metcons are also kind of all-around shoes. According to customers, you can run a maximum of 800m in Nike Metcons.

The shoes are flat and have an excellent grip. Furthermore, they are flexible enough for complex movements, bursts, and short runs. Durability-wise, Nike Metcons are great as compared to the reebok trainers. However, the only issue with Nike Metcons is that they are a bit squeaky when you walk.

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