Why Glue Pennies to Shoes? (Some Amazing Facts!)

Why glue pennies to shoes? What’s the purpose of it? Does it make sense to do such a foolish act? I know those questions would be wobbling in your mind. But don’t worry. I’m here to tell some amazing facts about gluing pennies to the shoes.

The gluing of pennies to the bottom of the shoes is adopted by parents for many reasons. Parents glue pennies to the shoes of their toddlers so that the tapping sound of pennies will amuse them and keep them motivated to get ready for school when they wake up in the morning.

What is Special about Penny?

The penny is made of copper and has a weight that is perfect for creating resonance between the shoe’s wood or metal taps and the floor. In this way, when parents glue it to the shoes of their kids, the resonating sound will keep them amusing.

Gluing Pennies to Shoes for Tap Dancing

The other reason for gluing pennies to kids’ shoes is to convert them to tap shoes. Tap shoes for kids are expensive, having a price of more than $35. Since kids have growing feet and tap-dancing shoes are worn occasionally, parents don’t consider it viable to buy a dedicated pair of tap shoes.

All you need to put the glue on the pennies and stick them to the outsole of your kids’ shoes.

To glue the pennies, first, you need to dip them in the vinegar to remove any dirt or tiny particles sticking to them. After that, you glue them with epoxy adhesive, such as Araldite.

Let the glue dry so that pennies properly stick to the shoe’s outsole so that the child doesn’t lose balance. The pennies will hit a nice sound when your children walk on hard tile or wooden floors.

Furthermore, I’ve seen that if parents glue pennies to the shoes of their kids, it makes them last longer as the coins make the kids take better care of their shoes. They’re less likely to wear holes in the bottom or scuff up the toes if they have a coin glued on top of each toe.

On Which Type of Shoes Can I Glue Pennies?

If you are wondering why glue pennies to shoes, the answer is that you can put them on nearly any type of shoe. It works best with dress shoes made of leather or vinyl. You can also glue pennies to the sneakers of your toddlers.

Also, make sure that you experiment on those shoes which your child does not wear all the time.

Try sticking 2 to 3 pennies on the forefoot area, which is the widest part of the shoes, and one in the middle to get a resonating and clicking sound out of them.

Is There Any Other Reason for Gluing Pennies to the Shoes?

Sticking of pennies is not limited to the kids’ shoes. Adults also glue pennies to their shoes so that they don’t wear down faster. Since the heel is the narrow area of the shoes, greater pressure is exerted on that area in terms of pounds per square inch. So, if you’ve collected pennies at home, you can glue them on the heel area of the shoes so that the rubber doesn’t wear down quickly.  The pennies will add reinforcement to the heel area of the shoes and make them last longer.

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