Are Supra Shoes Good? (Read This Before Buying Them)

There is a lot of debate in the sneaker community as to whether or not supra shoes are worth it. This company has been around for decades and produced sneakers for top athletes, skateboarders, and casual activities.

So, are Supra shoes good? If you’re only concerned about comfort, then yes, Supra shoes are good. They work just as good as any other pair of sneakers. But when it comes to performance and style, there are some shoes out there that are exponentially better than Supra athletic and skateboarding shoes. Furthermore, the quality of Supra shoes doesn’t match their price point. They’re not suitable for everyday wear.

So, if you’re considering buying Supra, you should only consider Skytops that are worth the price.

The user on a forum has commented the same that he only likes Skytops. You can see the comment in the snapshot below.

supra skytops review

A Brief Overview of Supra Brand

In 2006, Angel Cabada, in partnership with some professional skateboarders, launched Supra as a brand of skate shoes maker in California. At that time, there was a lot of hype for the Supra shoes.

Unfortunately, the online presence of the Supra footwear brand is dead now as it was taken over by the K-Swiss brand in 2019. You can buy your favorite Supra fashion sneakers offline.

However, some Supra sneakers are currently available on Amazon. You can check here.

Some Facts about Supra Skytops

The first-ever skate shoe of Supra was Sky-top. It was different from the traditional skate shoes of Vans and Converse. It contains suede leather, perforated vamp, rubber cupsole, synthetic toe cap, and padded tongue and collar.

Several people considered Skytops a joke until they saw Chad Muska, a professional American Skateboarder, wearing them. Those Skytops were really worth the hype.

Here’s what a user says about the durability of Supra Skytops.

I have a pair of Skytops, and they’ve last about 2 years so far. Granted, I don’t wear them every single day, but I’ve worn them a fair amount, and they continue to hold up.

Here’s another comment I found on Reddit by a wearer of Supra Skytops.

supra skytops style

Supra Skytops are one of the most comfortable skate shoes. They have a gel-like piece under the inserts, which plays the role of a damper to attenuate the impact.

You can also check out this video for a detailed review of Supra Skytops.

Why is the Supra footwear brand dead?

Supra no longer has an online presence now. Only a few offline stores sell some famous shoes like Skytops. All other footwear by Supra were flop with respect to the design. They were failed to come up with something innovative that the sneakers giants like Converse and Vans would lack.

Most people don’t like Supra shoes because Supras are expensive, and unlike Vans sneakers, their quality is not suitable for everyday wear. They cost a lot of money, look weird and uncomfortable to some people due to their style.

Supra shoes got famous primarily because of the hype created by the superstars like Justin Beiber, who made their ugly sneakers look cool. People used to just get attracted to these types of Supra shoe models with Velcro straps that were just crap. As those celebrities changed their fashion trend, that kind of hype would start getting vanished and people would not like them anymore.

Supra vs Vans

At first glance, it would seem like the two brands look quite similar – they are both from California and have similar colorways available. But there is a subtle difference between the two: the Vans brand has a more classic skateboard feel while Supras are tailored to be more casual.

Vans Ski8 are high-top shoes with a padded collar but still give a sleek and classic look. On the other hand, Supra high-top shoes like Vaiders tend to be more like high school shoes.

Furthermore, supra high tops are sturdier as compared to Vans high tops as Supra high tops have a rigid heel collar for better support.

You can check out this video on Supra Vaiders for a closer look.

Supras include the softer fabric on the shoe’s tongue, more padding around the collar bone area. For instance, if you check Supra Vulc II low-top sneakers on Amazon, they’ve better textile padding and thick fabric tongue.

But with respect to the style, Supras don’t have iconic evergreen look like Vans. The tongue of Supra shoes is a pretty wide and big, due to which several people refrain from wearing Supra sneakers to walk on the streets. On the other hand, you can get a better appearance, thanks to Vans’ classic and sleek look as you can get the advantage of both skateboarding and street-style wear in Vans shoes.

Moreover, the quality of Supra shoes is poor. The soles are simply glued to the upper, while Vans shoes are made through a vulcanization process for a stronger bond between gum rubber sole and the canvas upper.

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