5 Best Work Shoes for High Arches in 2024

Finding the best work shoes for high arches for all-day comfort is really difficult as there are several options available that might confuse you to get the right arch support shoes for your high arches. Shoes for high arches should have built-in padding and good arch support to make the feet stable at the outer and lateral border.

High arches put more strain on your feet and are one of the most common foot issues out there. If your feet hurt, your whole body hurts – but that doesn’t mean you should settle for any old shoe. A lot of people have high arches which can cause discomfort when they’re walking or standing.

If you have a pair of high arch shoes, you know how uncomfortable it is to have a pair of flimsy shoes that you have to jam your feet into. When you have high arches, it’s vitally important to pick the right shoes because they support your feet in just the right way.

So, after hours of research on different forums and asking persons from different backgrounds, I’ve put together a list of the most supportive shoes for soothing your high arches so that you can get the necessary comfort, cushioning, and balance for your feet.

Note: Please don’t skip my detailed review about these comfortable work shoes to support high arches. I’ve asked several users about their experiences and then compiled an unbiased review.

What are High Arches and How Can They Affect Your Foot?

The arches of the feet are formed by the tarsal bones, which are connected by strong ligaments. The plantar fascia, a large band of connective tissue, runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the tarsal bones.

When the arch of your foot is raised than normal, you may have high arches or cavus foot. High arches aren’t dangerous by themselves, but if ignored can lead to other foot problems like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and neuroma.

People with high arches walk or stand almost entirely on their toes. This causes them to be much more fatigued than people with low or normal arches as high arches feet can’t absorb shock well. Due to this reason, it also puts a lot of stress on their knees, Achilles tendons, and lower back.

To determine whether you’ve high arches or not, you can check out this video.

You need to moisturize your foot and analyze its print on tissue paper. The print can tell you that whether you have high arches or normal arched feet.

Best Work Shoes for High Arches Reviews

Here are the reviews of the most comfortable work shoes to support high arches.

1. Brooks Ghost 13

Upper Material3D Fit Print Mesh
CushioningBioMogo DNA and DNA LOFT
Extra Shock Absorbing FeatureSegmented Crash Pads on the outsole
Best forBrooks 13 are suitable for jobs in clean environments where there are no spills on the floor

Although Brooks 13 are designed for running activities, I found them the best work shoes for high arches. Brooks 13 are available in a variety of colors. So, if your work environment doesn’t allow you to wear bright color shoes, the black color is also available for you in this pair.

Here’s what an amazon customer says about the comfort level of Brooks Ghost 13.

brooks ghost 13 customer review for high arch support during work

In case you can’t read the text, here is the review:

Definitely my favorite shoe. Although I do wear them primarily for work. I don’t really run in them but I bartend 2 jobs, 80 hours a week and I only get about 3 months out of them. But I also have plantar fasciitis and they seem to be the only shoe I do NOT HAVE TO add an orthotic in. The comfort for a 16 hour day is perfect! 

Here’s what another amazon customer says about the versatility of these Brooks shoes.

I’m a nurse working 12+ hour shifts. At the end of each shift, my feet felt like I was walking on bare bones when I used to wear my Crocs. But these shoes were a game-changer. No more feet pain. And I wear them all the time now. Even outside of work.

Now, let’s discuss each feature of Brooks Ghost 13.

3D Fit Print upper adapts to your foot strike with each step. This update features an improved fit with no overlays, so you’ll have a seamless feel during long hours standing. The upper is flexible enough that it won’t jam-pack your high-arched feet. As soon as you put the step into the shoes, the flexible upper will conform to your feet.

Now, coming to their cushioning and arch support, Brooks 13 features a combination of BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft Pads. These are the proprietary cushioning materials developed by the Brooks brand.  DNA loft is the softest midsole cushioning that reduces the impact of strain on your feet metatarsals and heels. BioMoGo DNA is a gel-like material that is embedded for high-energy rebound and an added support. In this way, the thickness of the sole contributes to that ‘floaty’ sensation, which is a part of the comfort and support aspect of the shoe.

On the outsole, there are segmented crash pads just like a caterpillar for an added shock absorption and enhanced all-day comfort.

Coming to the downside of Brooks Ghost 13, the insole is thin as paper. So, I’d advise you to remove it and place your orthotic inserts if you have any. Furthermore, as the upper is made of a mesh, it would be better to protect it from spills.

2. Fila Memory Workshift Shoes

Upper MaterialEasy to clean synthetic leather
CushioningMemory foam insole and DLS midsole
PaddingMesh lining
Best forWorkers in restaurants, hospitals, etc.

It is the best affordable pair of work shoes for high arches. If you don’t have a high budget to buy versatile and supportive shoes like Brooks Ghost 13, you can go buy these Fila shoes.

The Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe is made of leather upper and a breathable mesh lining. However, the leather quality is not so good as many customers have reported that it is like plastic vinyl. However, that doesn’t mean you should reject this option as they are pretty much affordable. You won’t get original leather in shoes having a price less than $50.

Now, coming to the support and cushioning, the shoes feature a memory foam-cushioned footbed that provides cushioning and added comfort for long hours standing. The advantage of memory foam is that it easily conforms to your feet as soon as you put a step on them.

However, memory foam’s disadvantage is that it starts losing its strength and shock absorption after few months. Furthermore, the shoes are a little lax in arch support. So, I’d recommend you to buy extra insoles for these shoes to support your arch. I’d recommend Superfeet insoles for you.

Lastly, the Memory Workshift shoes feature a rubber slip-resistant outsole to provide traction against slick or wet surfaces – tested in accordance with the applicable industry standards, including ASTM F2913-11. Though designed to help prevent slips, you should always exercise caution on slippery surfaces.

One downside of the outsole is that it gets sticky. So, you may have to clean off stuff that gets stuck on the bottom.

3. Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe

If you like to wear slip-on shoes the Birkenstock Shoe is exactly what you need. The designers at the company have done a fantastic job designing the anatomical shape of this shoe. This slip-resistant shoe is comfortable, sturdy, and looks great on any foot type.

The shoe also features soft Alpro-Foam insoles which enable wearers to wear them for long hours without getting tired feet or developing blisters and pain in their heels and toes. Alpro-foam is a granular material, which comes in the desired shape by heat. It has shock resistance and anti-slip qualities. Customers love how comfortable these shoes are: they do not get hot during summertime like other shoes.

Its built-in arch support and shock absorption system make them great shoes for people with high arches. The slope formed by the edges of the soles provides additional stability and allows wearers to feel more confident while walking.

The upper is made of polyurethane that is an oil and greaseproof surface for high-level protection. The polyurethane sole is also slip-resistant to oily and greasy surfaces so that wearers feel more confident and safe when walking around in restaurants and hospitals where slippery floors can be a hazard.

The only downside of Birkenstocks is that the footbed slides back and forth. It has no friction between it and the bottom of the shoes. You can use duct tape to fix them.

4. Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoe

These Skechers shoes are specifically designed for women with high arches working in the foodservice industry.

The synthetic mesh fabric is comfortable, flexible, and easy to clean. However, it is not durable like Brooks mesh fabric. Customers have reported that it frays easily. But, I’d still say the price justifies the quality. You won’t get such shoes in this price range. Also, the mesh is not stain-resistant. You can clean up the dirt easily, but can’t protect it from spills.

Coming to the support and comfort, the shoes feature memory foam cushioned footbed and memory foam midsole, which conform to the high arch of your foot and aids in long hours standing. Memory foam can easily cradle your foot for more stability and support. You can check out my guide on memory foam shoes for further information.

You can check out this video and see how flexible is the sole of these Skechers.

However, according to several wearers, these shoes are comfortable for 5 to 6 hours. You can’t wear them for more than 8 hours. Otherwise, they will start hurting you. Moreover, for some customers, the insole is very dense for their feet. So, you can remove them and place the insoles which are comfortable for your feet.

I didn’t like the laces of these Skechers as they are sort of elastic. You can’t tighten them like normal laces. You can cut them off and fit the regular laces if the fit is a bit loose for you.

Lastly, the shoes have a slip-resistant outsole certified by ASTM standards so that you don’t have to worry about falling on the job.

5. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

If you work shoes with a stylish texture and a sturdy design with a leather upper, and a thick shock-absorbing athletic midsole, you can go with these Skechers. These Skechers are made of smooth synthetic leather, which is easier to clean with a damp cloth. However, these shoes are not breathable like Skechers Women’s Squad Sr Food Service Shoes. So, either use breathable socks or avoid them wearing in summer.

Regarding the arch support, there are some mixed reviews. Some people say that they have an arch in the wrong place and they need to add their orthopedic inserts for support. On the other hand, many people find great comfort and support without adding any insert. So, try them out by walking in them around the house to check whether their arch conforms to your foot’s arch or not. I would say, with these Skechers, memory foam plus compression socks are a great combination to relieve foot pain that arises due to high arches.

Lastly, the grip on the outsole of the shoes will keep you from tripping & falling.

Considerations for the Best Work Shoes for High Arches

Here is a kind of a summary of the features that I considered to cherry-pick the most supportive work shoes for your high arches. Each shoe can’t be packed with all those features. However, I have tried my best to review only those work shoes for high arches that would contain a maximum of those features.

  • Look for a shoe that has a roomy toe box to accommodate your toes as they spread out while walking
  • You should also look for a shoe with firm cushioning in the heel area to prevent shock absorption from happening too quickly
  • Make sure you have enough wiggle room around the ball of your foot so that it doesn’t rub against the inside of the shoe when you walk
  • Consider getting custom orthotics if shoes do not properly support your arch.
  • Wear the new shoes around the house before wearing them outside so you can get used to how they feel on your feet and make adjustments accordingly

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