Do Hey Dudes Run Big, Small or True to Size? [Half Sizes or Not]

With their laidback styling and focus on comfort, it’s no wonder Hey Dude shoes have become the footwear of choice for those looking for an everyday kick.

But before you add that cute new pair to cart, there’s one make-or-break question you need answered: do Hey Dudes run big or true to size?

Having personally tested quite a few pairs of Hey Dudes, I’ll share my first-hand experience with how they tend to fit so you can hopefully find your perfect pair and avoid the sizing guessing game.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty details on Hey Dude sizing to help you decide if they’re the right shoes for you!

So, do hey dudes run big? Hey Dude shoes generally run at least a half size large. Multiple reviews mention sizing down from your normal shoe size for the proper fit. Going down a full size is often recommended, as the shoes stretch and pack out over time. Hey Dudes are roomy with loose fit. For the most comfortable experience without heel slippage or looseness in Hey Dude shoes, consider sizing down in Hey Dudes, contrary to their website guidance.

Overview of Hey Dude Brand and their Casual, Comfortable Slip-on Shoes

Hey Dude is a relatively new shoe brand that has quickly become known for their super comfortable and casual slip-on shoes. Founded in 2008, the company has grown rapidly in popularity over the last decade.

Hey Dude’s tagline “Good To Go-To” sums up their focus on making laidback, cushiony shoes perfect for wearing all day.

What Makes Hey Dude Shoes So Comfy Several key factors make Hey Dude shoes stand out as extra comfy:

  • Lightweight: The shoes are very lightweight, making them easy to wear for hours without fatigue. The materials used like EVA foam are designed to be featherlight.
  • Cushioned: Super soft, cushiony insoles and midsoles provide pillowy comfort underfoot. It literally feels like walking on clouds!
  • Flexible: The shoes flex easily with the motion of your foot due to the materials used in the sole. This enhances the natural walking motion.
  • Breathable: Mesh fabrics allow airflow to keep feet cool and dry. This prevents sweatiness that can lead to blisters.
  • Roomier Toe Area: Hey Dudes have a rounder toe shape with some extra wiggle room for toes. This prevents pinching and discomfort.

Hey Dude Style

One of the most defining features of Hey Dudes is their casual, laidback California surfer style. Here are some key attributes:

  • Colors: Available in a huge variety of bright, fun colors and patterns. Everything from solids to stripes, florals and more.
  • Casual: Perfect for wearing to the beach, park, bars, camping, everyday use. Not for formal occasions.
  • Trendy: Very popular among teens and 20-somethings looking for comfort and relaxed styling.

Uses and Activities of Hey Dudes

So what are Hey Dudes actually good for wearing? Here are some of the prime uses for these comfy kicks:

  • Travel: Super lightweight and flexibility makes them ideal for long days sightseeing. Easy to pack too.
  • Beach & Pool: Fabric designs shed water easily. Toe loop allows easy on/off for the beach or pool deck.
  • Outdoors: Cushioning provides comfort for activities like hiking, fishing, camping. Not for serious athletics.
  • Work: For jobs that require a lot of standing or walking, they relieve fatigue.
  • Casual Wear: Great for running errands, walking the dog, puttering around the house.
  • Recovery: Cushioning helps feet recover after sports. Those with foot issues appreciate the comfort.

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Hey Dudes Sizing Overview

Hey Dude shoes have become a popular casual shoe option in recent years. However, finding the right size can be tricky since the Hey Dudes brand only offers whole sizes and does not come in half sizes.

Based on reviews and recommendations from Hey Dude wearers, here is an overview of how to get the best fit.

Hey Dude Runs Slightly Large

A common consensus from Hey Dude shoe owners is that the shoes tend to run slightly large or long. Although the Hey Dude website recommends sizing up a half size, most users found the shoes to fit bigger than expected.

Going up a half size resulted in a loose, sloppy fit for many wearers. The shoes had too much room to slip and slide around. Even some who went with their normal size found the fit looser than expected.

Downsizing in Hey Dudes is Recommended

Given that Hey Dude shoes run big, most recommendations are to size down either a half or full size from your normal shoe size.

Sizing down helps achieve a better fit that is not too loose or sloppy. The shoes will mold to your feet instead of feet swimming around with excess room.

If between sizes, consider sizing down to the nearest whole size for the best fit. Having at least a little wiggle room is better than shoes that are painfully tight.

Try Shoes On In-Store If Possible

To get the most accurate idea of your Hey Dude size, try to find a store where you can try them on in person. Every foot is slightly different so an in-person fitting eliminates guesswork.

If unable to try on in store, read plenty of sizing reviews to determine if you should go down a half or full size. Consider if your feet run narrow or wide as well.

Also, compare your normal size with other shoe brands to get a sense of how Hey Dude compares. Your Nike or Adidas size may differ.

Other Fit Tips and Considerations for Hey Dude Shoes

Here are some other handy tips for getting the ideal fit with Hey Dude shoes:

  • Wear socks of similar thickness when trying on shoes to your normal wear socks
  • Feet tend to swell during the day so try shoes on at the end of day for proper fitting
  • Consider insoles or inserts if sizing up leaves too much room. Hey Dudes have removable insoles. So, you can easily replace them
  • The materials will stretch slightly over time so don’t size based on a very snug fit initially
  • Ensure toes have a little wiggle room and are not jammed against the front

Beyond just the size, also pay attention to width and where your feet sit in the shoe. Hey Dudes fit a bit wide and roomy in general. Make sure there’s no gapping or looseness around the heel.

For wide feet, the Wally and Wally Sox Stretch styles of Hey Dude shoes may work well according to the users. These shoes have a wide toe box and can accommodate wide feet easily. According to users, Hey Dudes Wally Sox can easily accomodate 2E wide feet.

Reasons Hey Dude Shoes Run Big

There are several design factors that contribute to Hey Dude shoes fitting larger than expected.

Materials Stretch and Loosen Over Time

One of the main reasons Hey Dudes run large is the materials used in their construction. The uppers are made from stretchy woven fabrics like canvas or knit textiles.

The footbeds often use EVA foam. Both the upper fabrics and foam soles will stretch and pack out with extended wear.

This means that brand new Hey Dudes may fit just right, but after a few weeks of wear the materials give and loosen up, creating extra room in the shoe.

This effect is amplified over months of wear. So for the best long-term fit, sizing down accommodates how much the shoes will stretch and loosen over time.

Allow Room for Feet Swelling

Feet naturally swell throughout the day from use and warmer temperatures. This swelling can cause shoes to feel tighter and more uncomfortable as the day goes on.

Since Hey Dudes are often worn for casual, active use like walking or standing all day, having wiggle room allows for feet expansion without pinching.

Feet naturally swell throughout the day from use and warmer temperatures. This swelling can cause shoes to feel tighter and more uncomfortable as the day goes on.

Since Hey Dudes are often worn for casual, active use like walking or standing all day, having wiggle room allows for foot expansion without pinching.

The lightweight woven materials, while breathable, can still trap some heat and cause swelling. That’s why, Hey Dudes are slightly loose.

Accommodate Thick Socks

The open, slip-on style of Hey Dude shoes lends itself well to wearing with socks. Their lightweight canvas or knit uppers allow air flow to keep feet cool.

However, thick or high-pile socks can take up room inside the shoes. So, a loose fit of Hey Dude shoes allows space for fluffy socks without cramming toes or creating a tight squeeze across the top of the foot.

Prevent Tight, Uncomfortable Fit

Hey Dude shoes lack structure and support by design, using lightweight flexible materials from top to bottom.

An overly tight fit restricts natural foot splaying while walking, which can cause pain, numbness, and loss of circulation over time. It also puts pressure on toes and nails leading to issues like ingrown nails or bruised toes after long wear.

So, a relaxed fit of Hey Dudes ensures that they maintain their signature loose, comfy feel without inadvertently creating foot health problems.

Hey Dudes Sizing Chart for Men and Women

Use this chart to convert between Hey Dude US shoe sizes and EU shoe sizes:

Heel-toe measurementUS – WomensEU – WomensUS – MensEU – Mens
8 3/8″435
8 5/8″536
9 3/8″738538
9 5/8″839639
10 3/8″1041841
10 5/8″1142942
11 3/8″1144
11 5/8″1245
12 3/8″1447
12 5/8″1548
13 5/8″1750

Hey Dude Sizing Chart for Kids or Toddlers

Heel-toe measurementUS – Toddlers (Little Kids)EU – Toddlers (Little Kids)US – Big KidsEU – Big Kids
4 7/8″522
5 1/8″623
5 1/2″724-25
5 7/8″826
6 1/8″927
6 1/2″1028
6 7/8″1129-301129-30
7 1/8″1231
7 1/2″1332
7 7/8″133-34
8 1/8″235
8 1/2″336
8 7/8″437
9 1/8″538

Tips for finding your perfect Hey Dude size

Here are some tips to help you find your perfect fit when purchasing Hey Dudes.

Try Them On In Stores If Possible

The best way to determine your ideal Hey Dude size is to try them on in person before buying. This allows you to get a feel for the fit and comfort. Walk around the store with both shoes on to make sure they aren’t too tight or loose.

Since sizing can vary, don’t rely solely on your normal shoe size. Visit a store that carries Hey Dudes so you can test out multiple sizes.

Consider Sizing Down from Your Normal Shoe Size

Many Hey Dude wearers report that the shoes tend to run big. Although their website recommends sizing up a half size, the consensus from reviews is that sizing down is better.

If you normally wear a size 10, start with trying a size 9 in Hey Dudes. It’s easier to make a loose shoe tighter but impossible to make a tight shoe looser. Better too big than too small, but sizing down is safest.

Account for the Break-In Period

When first trying on new Hey Dudes, know that they will stretch and loosen up as you break them in. The materials are designed to flex and mold to your feet over time.

So, if they feel slightly snug at first, that’s ideal since they’ll pack out after wearing them. Don’t worry if your toes hit the end at first, they’ll have more room after walking in the shoes.

Pay Attention to Width

Some Hey Dude styles like the Wally Sox Stretch are roomier in the toe box for wider feet. Check the product description and reviews to see if a certain model runs wider than others.

Those with narrow feet may want to size down more. Hey Dude unfortunately does not offer wide or narrow width options, only standard.

Double Check Return Policies

Save receipts in case the sizing doesn’t work out! Many stores allow exchanges or returns within a certain window if the shoes are gently worn. Hey Dude’s own website allows returns within 30 days. This gives you a chance to test them out before fully committing.

Consider Insoles or Sock Thickness

If you size up, insoles can help take up extra room so your foot doesn’t slide. Heel grips can also prevent slipping. Wearing thicker or thinner socks impacts fit as well. Keep this flexibility in mind when deciding on size.

Compare Both Feet

Measure and try on both feet to check for size differences between left and right. Always fit shoes to the larger foot to avoid pain on that side. Many people have small discrepancies between feet that affect fit.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big? FAQs

Can you return Hey Dudes if the sizing is off?

Yes, Hey Dude has a 30 day return policy if the shoes don’t fit. You can easily exchange for a different size within that window.

How long do Hey Dude shoes last?

With frequent wear, most users report Hey Dude shoes lasting around 3-6 months before signs of wear like sole separation. Durability is not their strength.

Are Hey Dudes wide or narrow?

Hey Dudes have a relatively narrow fit, with limited wide sizes. The Wally Sock Stretch style is a good option for wide feet.

Why do Hey Dude shoes run big if the website says to size up?

The shoes stretch and loosen over time so sizing down prevents them from becoming too big. The website’s guidance to size up seems to be incorrect based on most users’ experience.

Should I size up or down for Hey Dudes since I’m a half size?

Since Hey Dude shoes only come in whole sizes, it’s best to size down to the nearest whole size since they run big. So if you’re a 9.5, get a size 9.

Do Hey Dudes Come In Half Sizes?

Hey Dudes do not come in half sizes. Currently, the company only offers Hey Dude shoes in full sizes. So, if you’re a half size, I would recommend you half a size down.

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