Do Fila Shoes Run Small, Big or True to Size? (Get the Right Fit)

Are you confused about whether Fila shoes run small or true to size? In general, Fila shoes run small for most people as their toe box is a bit tight, and they’re difficult to break in due to stiff leather. On the other hand, some people say that their shoes initially fit true to size. But after wearing them for long hours, their toes start hurting.

Moreover, after checking from the Fila shoes website and their customers, I found that some Fila shoes come in only standard and wide widths. For men, the standard width of Fila shoes is available in D, and for women, the standard width Fila shoes is B.

So, with so many styles and designs of Fila shoes in sports, running, walking, and vintage category, it’s still difficult to answer just YES or NO regarding the Fila shoes sizing.

This guide keeps you acquainted with the sizing and fit of Fila shoes in different categories so that your confusion regarding Fila shoes fit gets cleared.

So, let’s get started.

Do Fila Disruptor 2 run True to Size?

Fila disruptor is one of the most stylish fashion sneakers. The sizing and fit of Fila Disruptor 2 is mainly dependent on their toe box area and the characteristic of the leather upper. For most customers, Fila Disruptor 2 shoes run small. Although the brand labels the leather as the original and premium, according to most users on Amazon, the upper of Fila Disruptor shoes is made of synthetic leather that is stiffer and hurts your toes when you wear them for the whole day.

This is what a customer on Amazon says about the leather of Fila Disruptor shoes.

do fila shoes stretch

This is not the only review on which I relied. I checked reviews of several users of Fila Disruptor 2 shoes, and they all claim that the leather stiff and synthetic.

I searched on different forums to get an idea of Fila Disruptor 2 shoes fit from its customers. Here’s what a user says about them.

do fila shoes run small or true to size

Here’s the review of a user on Amazon regarding the stiff leather of Fila Disruptor 2 and their fit.

fila shoes sizing and fit

Apart from leather, the space in the toe box also matters that determines the fit of Fila Disruptor shoes. As I mentioned, Fila shoes are only available in standard width. So, most customers feel their toe box is narrow to adjust their feet.

Here are a couple of reviews regarding the fit in the toe box of Fila Disruptor shoes.

Fila Disruptor shoes small

So, if you’re on your feet all day during your job, go for a full size up for these Fila Disruptor 2 shoes so that your toes don’t get hurt.

Do Fila Tennis Shoes Run Small or True to size?

Apart from fashion sneakers, the Fila brand also makes tennis shoes made of a blend of engineered mesh with synthetic overlays for a supportive fit. The tennis shoes that Fila manufactures are Axilus 2 Energized. According to Tenniswearhouse reviewer, although Fila tennis shoes come in only standard width, their toe box is wide enough that these Fila tennis shoes run true to size. Moreover, the flexible mesh upper is stretchy enough that these fila tennis shoes need almost zero break in time to adjust your feet.

You can also check the sizing review of Fila tennis shoes by tennisexexpress for further clarification.

Do Fila Men’s Ascente Shoes Run True to Size?

You can wear these Fila Ascente shoes for trail running and hiking as their sole is designed to wear them on rough terrains. These Fila shoes also have stretchy mesh fabric upper with synthetic overlays. There’s a complete mesh layer on the toe box so that your toes don’t hurt after wearing them for the whole day.

According to the users, they fit comfortably around your feet. But, if you need to place orthoic inserts for arch support, you’ve to go for a half size bigger so that there’s enough space in the Fila Ascente Shoes after placing an orthotic insert.

Here’s what a user says about the fit of Fila Men’s Ascente Shoes.

Do Fila Men’s Ascente Shoes Run True to Size

Do Fila Shoes come in Wide Widths?

Some Fila shoes, belonging to the work shoes category, are only available in wide widths. This is because workers have to stand for long hours on their feet. Most work shoes are made of leather. If toe box of the work shoes is not spacious, the leather upper may hurt your feet if your toes continuously contact the upper for a long time. That’s why Fila brand has made some work shoes in wide widths.

Fila Shoe Size Chart Compared To Nike

Fila has a huge line of shoes in the fashion sneakers and sports category, while the Nike brand is known for its running and athletic shoes. The main difference between Fila shoes and Nike shoes size chart is that Fila shoes size chart doesn’t have a conversion from US to centimeters (CM) as it is necessary because you measure your foot size in CM. So, it’ll be a bit difficult for you to select the right size of Fila shoes. That’s why people, willing to buy Fila shoes, compare their sizes with other shoes’ brands like Nike.

If you look at the Fila shoes size chart, the size range of shoes is as follows:

  • For men, Fila shoes size ranges from US6.5 to US18
  • For women, Fila shoes size ranges from US4 to US13
  • Fila also has some unisex sizing shoes, which is usually expressed in terms of men’s sizing that ranges from US4 to US18. To convert them to women’s sizing, add 1.5 to US men’s sizing of unisex shoes.

On the other hand, Nike shoes sizing is a bit complicated but rather flexible. I connected with Nike live chat and gathered the information regarding their sizing. According to them, Nike makes gender-neutral shoes due to which Nike offers flexibility by mentioning the conversions between men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes sizing in their all sizing charts which are as follows:

So, you can see Nike shows a bit of flexibility as Nike shoes cover a wide range of sizes as compared to the Fila shoes. Furthermore, unlike Fila shoes, some Nike shoes come in both wide (2E) and extra-wide widths (4E) to accommodate different feet’s shape. I confirmed this from one of Nike’s customer support agent. Here’s his response.

For a detailed comparison of Fila shoes sizing with Nike shoes, let’s take an example of Nike Air Max 90 that looks almost similar to Fila Disruptor shoes with leather upper. Compared to Fila Disruptor 2 shoes, these Nike shoes have a better leather upper that doesn’t hurt your toes. Unfortunately, this model of Nike shoes only comes in standard widths. So, only those users have complained about their sizing who have wide feet. But in Fila shoes, which are made of full leather, people with even standard wide feet also complain about the small size of Fila shoes due to their tight toe box and stiff leather.

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