How to Shrink Crocs If They Are Too Big? ( 5 Easy Steps)

We all know that Crocs are lightweight and one of the most comfortable shoes ever made. But it turns out, Crocs don’t fit everyone’s feet perfectly. For many people, Crocs clogs run large and they are looking for ways to shrink the Crocs so that their feet stop sliding in the Crocs.

So, how to shrink Crocs? Shrinking Crocs is easy if you have a dryer and a couple of wet towels. The heat in the dryer loosens the cellular structure of the Croslite foam of Crocs and shrinks them. The wet towels moisten the fabrics at the appropriate ratio to make things work. Even if you live in a hot country (85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and there is high humidity, you can put your Crocs outside for a couple of days. This process will shrink your Crocs.

how Crocs fit on the feet before and after shrinking
how crocs look before and after shrinking (fully tested)

That’s just the crux of this guide. If you want to watch out for detailed steps, read this guide till the end. The steps are easy, however, you’ve to follow them with great care. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging your Crocs.

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Is It Easier to Shrink the Crocs?

Shrinking Crocs is quite easy. Croslite material is soft, flexible, and comfortable material. You don’t need the help of any professional chemist to do the job for you. By just following simple steps and using some common things, you can do the job yourself.

However, care must be taken from your side to follow the steps correctly if you don’t want to mess up with the material of Crocs.

You can shrink Crocs to quite some extent. You’ve to make sure that you’re not applying more than the required heat as it can result in warping of Croslite foam, and can make it harder.

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How to Shrink Crocs Shoes?

Here is a step-by-step guide on shrinking Crocs shoes that are either too big or have stretched out.

  • Set The Timer On The Dryer: The first thing you need to do is set up the dryer’s settings and timer. The most important thing is not to screw up the timing. You should also be careful not to set the temperature too high as it will damage the material of Crocs.It’s now time to set up the timers and temperature settings after considering these factors. Start by setting a 10-minute timer. Change the heat from medium to a lower setting.
  • Put Crocs in Dryer: After setting the timing and temperature, put the Crocs in the dryer. Also, place damp towels over the Crocs.
  • Carefully Observe the Process: During this process, stand by the side of the dryer and observe the process. You’ve to ensure the heat of the dryer isn’t too much as high heat can damage the Croslite material.
  • Check Crocs: In case your Crocs are too hot after passing them through the dryer, remove them from the dryer and let them cool; otherwise, the shoe material may be damaged.
  • Check the Fit: After you’ve let Crocs cool down to normal temperature so that they don’t burn your feet, try to wear them and walk around the house for a few minutes so that the material can properly adjust to your feet. Initially, you would face some sort of discomfort as, after this treatment, Crocs would need some time for breaking in. After walking in them for some time, your Crocs will start providing a comfy snug fit.

Note: This method works with all types of Crocs that are made of Croslite material like Classic Crocs or Bistro Crocs.

Note 2: Shrinking crocs by putting them in hairdryer may warm their shape as Crocs are constantly moving around in dryer.

You can also check out this detailed video for the whole process of shrinking the Crocs that are too big.

Does Heat Make Crocs Shrink?

Yes, a combination of heat and moisture reacts with Croslite material to shrink Crocs. The extent of shrinkage of Crocs depends on the intensity of heat and the time for which you put the Crocs under the heat.

Note that, Crocs can also shrink if you leave them in a hot car or place them under the sunlight. If there is high humidity, there will be more shrinkage. Crocs can also shrink if you wash them in a dishwasher. As the temperature of water in the dishwasher is warm, it can shrink the Crocs.

One person left his Crocs on a car dashboard. The sun was beating down on the window the whole time (more than120°F) and because the doors were closed, it got super hot in the car. After around 30 minutes, he found that Crocs were shrunk about a half size.

shrinking Crocs by placing them on a car dashboard

How to Un-shrunk the Crocs that Have Shrunk Too Much?

After too much care, sometimes we can’t control the extent of shrinkage of Crocs shoes as everyone has a different dryer and we can’t predict the heating it can provide.

So, to un-shrunk or stretch the Crocs that have shrunk too much, all you need to put Crocs in hot boiling water for less than 1 minute.

Wear a thick pair of athletic socks. Take out the Crocs from hot water and put them on them right away. Now walk in them for few minutes as it will allow the material of Crocs to stretch out and mold to your feet.

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