Why do Golf Shoes Squeak? [Let’s Investigate]

Golfers, have you ever noticed that your shoes make a squeaking noise when you walk? I know mine do. There are many reasons why this occurs and today we’re going to discuss some of them. This will hopefully help to clear up any confusion about the cause of the squeaking noise in your shoes.

So, why do golf shoes squeak? The most common reason for the squeaking of golf shoes is that the insole is not properly fixed, due to which it is moving inside them and rubbing against the heel. To check if the squeaking noise is coming from the insole, take out the insole and try the shoes. If squeaking stops, sprinkle some talcum powder in the shoes and place the insole. This method will work like a charm.

What Are The Possible Reasons for Squeaky Noise in the Golf Shoes?

There are several areas on the golf shoes that are generating irritating squeaky noise. It’s difficult to analyze the exact region on the golf shoes, which is causing squeaky noise.

Rubbing of Insole

If you’re using regular golf shoes instead of BOA golf shoes, I’d advise you to look at the insole first. Normally, golf shoe brands feature removable insoles so that if your arch doesn’t fit on them, you can replace them with custom orthotics.

When you wear new golf shoes, there is moisture between insole and gold shoes, which generates friction. When you walk in your golf shoes on the court, the insole moves and rubs against the heel of the golf shoes due to friction. This generates irritating squeaky noise. So, if you feel the squeaky noise right underneath your foot, it is because of the insole.

BOA Fit System

The other reason for squeaky noise in golf shoes is due to the BOA system. If you own a pair of BOA golf shoes and you’re feeling a squeaky noise on the top of the shoes, chances are that the string is rubbing against the tongue of golf shoes.

The string of a BOA foot system is made of stainless steel, which is inextensible. When you tighten the string using a dial for a snug fit, the string develops a strong tension force and becomes stiffer. In this condition, when the string rubs against the plastic loops of the golf shoes, it generates squeaky noise. So, this is the main downside of the BOA tension matrix, particularly if you prefer a snug fit.

Shoe Tongue Rubbing

The tongue and upper of some golf shoes, such as Footjoy Pro SL, are made of synthetic leather. There is an issue with synthetic leather that it is a kind of stiffer plastic that can produce a cracking sound when in new condition. Since there is no padding under the tongue area of golf shoes, it is also stiffer.

When you wear golf shoes for the first time, the tongue rubs against the upper inside of your golf shoes. This rubbing generates a squeaky noise.

If you BOA fit golf shoes, chances are that the stainless steel strings just put even enough tension over the whole thing to cause squeaky noise.

Walking Over Wet Grass

Sometimes, it is not the fault of golf shoes, which is causing a squeaky noise. If you’re walking on a dry concrete surface, you may not feel that sound, but if you walk on the golf course damped with the dew, the water can penetrate in the soles or it can get trapped in the leather. This can also be the cause of squeaky noise in golf shoes.

How to Get Rid of Squeaky Noise from Golf Shoes?

Here are the following methods you can apply to get rid of the squeaky noise from golf shoes.

  • If the squeaky noise is coming from the insole, remove it, sprinkle talcum powder, or apply Vaseline. This should stop squeaky noise. If it is still there, chances are that the issue is in that factory insole. I would suggest you remove it and insert your custom orthotic. Sometimes, the factory insole is not the proper fit for your foot arch. So, replacing it with any other comfortable insole can resolve the squeaky noise problem.
  • If the squeaky noise is coming from the tongue of golf shoes, apply WD-40 over it. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue. However, the effect of WD-40 does not last longer. After some time, you may again feel that noise coming out of the tongue of your shoes. You could also try beeswax over the tongue. Furthermore, I’d also advise you to grease the stainless steel strings of BOA golf shoes with beeswax or Vaseline to minimize the friction.
  • If your golf shoes are entirely made of synthetic leather, such as Puma spiked shoes or FJ PRO SL, apply the saddle soap to soften the stiff leather of golf shoes. I have personally tested this method and it works really great.
  • If your golf shoes get wet during playing golf on wet grass, I’d suggest stuffing your golf shoes with newspaper or a cedar shoe tree to absorb the trapped moisture. If there is moisture in golf shoes, it produces air bubbles that cause squeaky sound. So, it is important to completely dry out your golf shoes if they get wet.

Final Verdict

I hope this guide about the reasons for squeaky noise in golf shoes would be helpful to you. If all the above methods don’t work, you can also use trail running shoes for golf. Trail running shoes don’t make any squeaky noise. But, I’d advise you to wear trail running shoes for golf if you’re a casual golfer.

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