This is How You Can Stop Your Crocs From Squeaking!

To stop Crocs from squeaking, you can use talcum powder so that Crocs remain dry and the squeaking sound can be eliminated by keeping your feet dry. In addition, you can apply mineral oil to the straps of the Crocs clogs to stop the squeaking noise from Crocs.

In this article, we will discuss how to stop Crocs from squeaking. Crocs are made of a molded Croslite foam, which is a rubber-like material that gives a cushiony and bouncy feel when you wear Crocs.

However, some people want to wear Crocs to work, but they feel really embarrassed when their Crocs start squeaking and making a popping sound or farting noise.

So, stick with this guide till the end as I will walk you through some useful DIY techniques to stop squeaking noise coming out of the straps of your Crocs.

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Why Do People Like To Wear Crocs?

People love to wear Crocs because Crocs are designed to be lightweight and flexible. Crocs are made from soft foam and are designed to be worn indoors or outdoors. Unlike other shoes, Crocs are simply molded foam. They do not have any stitching that could rub on your feet.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel pain, Crocs are great slip-on shoes you can have as their footbed is orthopedic and provides great arch support. Thus, Crocs are comfortable and practical. 

Many people wear Crocs as a fashion statement. The reason for this is that Crocs are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Moreover, Crocs are also easy to slip into without having to worry about laces or tying them.

Another great thing about Crocs is that they do not get wet as they are not traditional footwear, made of canvas, leather, or synthetic materials. The foam of Crocs has the property of closed-cell foam, meaning that it does not absorb water. So, even if you stand in a pool of water with your Crocs, they will not absorb any water and can be easily wiped with a piece of cloth.

You can also read my guide on how to shrink Crocs if they are too big.

Lastly, Crocs clogs have a wide toe box with an adjustable strap to customize the fitting based on your foot length. Crocs are available in three different types of fits. You can read about them in my guide on Crocs sizing and fit.

Why Do Crocs Squeak?

Here are the causes of Crocs squeaking:

1. Soft Rubber Material Of Crocs

Crocs squeak because they are made of a flexible material called Croslite foam. It is a patented technology of Crocs that allows them to flex and squeak without losing their shape. The design of the material gives the shoe flexibility so that it can bend and flex with your feet as you walk. 

Moreover, Croslite foam in Crocs absorbs shock and that shock is transferred to the ground through the Crocs. This creates a continuous vibration in the shoe, which is transmitted to the foot and causes the squeaking sound. This type of squeaking is only present when the shoes are new. As the shoes wear down, the squeak gradually stops.

2. Breaking Of Hard Plastic In The Heel Of Platform Crocs

In Crocs Bae Clogs, women complain about ratting or popping noise coming from inside of the heel. The reason is that there is a hard piece of plastic spacer inside the heel of Crocs Bae Clogs that is easily cracked. When a piece of plastic spacer cracks inside the heel of clogs, it starts rubbing with the inside of the heel of the crocs and starts making clicking and rattling noises as your heel strikes the ground.

You can hear this popping sound of Crocs Bae Clogs in this video

You can get rid of that rattling noise in Crocs Bae Clogs by injecting glue into the heel of these Crocs Bae Clogs. You can use a hypodermic needle to inject glue and use Gorilla Glue as it foams up and fills the cavity inside the heel. You can also try using Shoe Goo in the heel of Crocs Bae Clogs to stop squeaking noise as Shoe Goo remains flexible. For this, you will have to cut the heel of the Crocs as Shoe Goo can’t be injected.

3. Rubbing Of Crocs Rubber Sole With A Polished Surface

The squeaky sound from Crocs also depends on your walking style and the surface on which you are walking. One person observed a chirpy sound from Crocs when he walked across a glazed-tile surface. That sound is produced due to the rubbing of a soft plastic of Crocs with a smooth tile.

4. Sweating Of Feet

Another reason for squishy noises from Crocs is due to the sweat from your feet. This especially happens in Crocs clogs that do not have any holes over the toe box like Crocs Bistro Clogs. Since the Croslite foam of Crocs behaves like a closed-cell, it does not allow ventilation like mesh shoes. As a result, your feet sweat and the moisture has nowhere to go. Due to the sweat of your feet, you will hear a squishy noise at every step.

5. Trapping Of Air And Water

Also, if you wear Crocs Classic Clogs, which have holes all over the toes, air traps between your feet and footbed of the Crocs Clogs. As you know there are nubs on the footbed of Crocs clogs for a massage-like feel, the trapped in those numbs could also make a squeaky noise in Crocs.

6. Rotating Strap Of Crocs

Another cause of squeaking noise from Crocs Clogs is the strap rubbing against the plastic rivet about which the strap rotates. 

Rotating strap of Crocs cause squeaking noise

7. Cracks In Crocs

A flexible Rubber sole of Crocs can be the major cause of squeaking noise if it develops a crack. Here’s what happens. You step on a pebble and the tiny particles dig into the sole of the shoe, creating a tiny cavity or crack into the sole. Moreover, the pebbles can get stuck into that crack, resulting in the squeaking noise.

How To Stop Crocs From Squeaking?

Here are the steps you can follow to stop Crocs from squeaking:

1. Use Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a natural substance that can be used to help keep feet dry and comfortable. However, you may be surprised to find that talcum powder can prevent squeaking! Talcum fills any cracks inside your shoe and soaks up moisture.

Talcum powder contains microscopic talc particles. The talc powder provides an anti-skidding surface for your shoe, keeping your feet from rubbing against your shoes. When the talc powder is moistened, it forms a film over your shoe, creating an even, friction-free surface to help reduce noise.

2. Use a Mineral Oil

Using mineral oil in the squeaky areas of Crocs clogs also helps stop squeaking noise. This method is suitable if a squeaking noise is coming from the strap of Crocs. If the Crocs are loose, the straps will rotate and can cause a squeaking noise. Here, the oil does the job of lubrication.

You might have used mineral oil before for lubricating the hinges of your house doors when they make a squealing noise. The same is the case with the strap of Crocs clogs. You can use this mineral oil in a space between the strap and a plastic rivet. You can use a syringe to inject the oil so that it lubricates well.

If you can still hear a squeaking noise from the strap of Crocs after some time, inject the mineral oil again. If the noise persists, you can try replacing their rubber strap with a soft velcro strap.

3. Clean The Soles

Due to cracks in the sole of Crocs, pebbles and dirt can enter that rub with the cavities of the sole and can make a squeaking noise. For this, you need to first scrub the sole of Crocs with a toothbrush to remove all dirt and pebbles. After that, soak the Crocs in warm soapy water for a few hours to remove any dirt and residue on the soles. 

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