17 Best Shoes for Working and Walking on Concrete (March 2023): Just Buy This New Balance Shoes Pair

After reviewing 30+ pairs of top shoes, New Balance 646 V2 are the best shoes for working and walking on concrete. Whether you’re a man or a woman, New Balance 646 V2 shoes are cushioned and supportive enough for keeping your feet comfortable while walking, standing, and working on concrete floors. Also, they are known for providing premium comfort for your whole feet area with their Polyurethane supportive midsole, padded tongue and collar, and highly durable rubber outsole which offers better support. 

However, if your feet sweat too much and you’re looking for breathable shoes for walking on concrete, I would suggest ASICS Gel Cumulus Shoes. They have a synthetic mesh upper with a comfy fit and gel cushioning for long hours of standing on concrete floors.

After months of agony from standing on concrete all day, I finally invested in a new pair of shoes. And let me tell you, it was a life-changer. No more limping, no more wincing – just pure comfort and support.

You know what they say: “if the shoe fits, wear it.” But when it comes to walking on concrete, the shoe needs to be more than just a good fit. It needs to be your ally, your best friend, your trusty steed that will carry you through the toughest of jobs

I used to think that shoes were just a fashion statement, a way to complement my outfit. But once I started my job as a warehouse worker, I quickly realized that shoes were a matter of survival. And when you’re standing on concrete for hours on end, survival means a lot.

According to the NCBI, workers who stand for long periods of time have an increased risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Proper footwear, including shoes with shock-absorbing soles, arch support, and proper fit, can help reduce this risk.

So, when it comes to finding the best shoes for walking on concrete, it’s important to keep in mind that not all shoes are created equal. While some shoes might look the part, they might not provide enough support or cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

That’s why it’s important to look for shoes that are specifically designed for those who need to walk on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. Shoes with ample cushioning and shock absorption can help to alleviate pressure on your feet and joints, and prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis or shin splints. Look for shoes with features like memory foam, gel pads, or air pockets to provide extra comfort.

In addition to cushioning, you also want to look for shoes with a non-slip sole that provides good traction on concrete. Slippery or oily surfaces can be a recipe for disaster, and a good grip can help prevent falls or accidents.

In this blog post, we’ll review some of the most comfortable shoes for walking and working on concrete and discuss what features you should look for to ensure you get the most comfortable and supportive pair.

These shoes for standing and walking on concrete floors are well-cushioned and supportive enough to prevent extra strain on your ball of foot and lower back.

Whether you’re a cashier, factory worker, nurse, you can wear these shoes to walk back and forth or stand comfortably on hard concrete surfaces and walk peacefully on them without the fear of slipping. Moreover, I’ve also included some shoes, that have a sturdy construction so that you can work on concrete floors at workplaces by wearing these shoes.

Note: We all know that the wrong shoes can make your feet feel sore and tired after a long walk, so it pays to invest in a good pair of shoes that provide cushioning and support. The right type of shoe can also help prevent injuries and promote proper posture. So, please don’t skip my detailed review about these comfortable shoes for walking and standing on concrete all day as I’ve asked several users about their experiences and then compiled an unbiased review.

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Table of Contents

Why Wear Special Shoes for Walking on Concrete?

Working a job that requires you to walk or stand on concrete all day can be grueling – not only for your body, but for your feet in particular. If you’ve ever spent an entire day walking on hard concrete, you know how quickly your feet can become tired, sore, and painful.

Unfortunately, the discomfort doesn’t stop at your feet – it can spread to your legs, hips, joints, and even your back, causing chronic pain and discomfort. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good pair of shoes that are specifically designed for walking on concrete. But why exactly is it so important? Can’t any old pair of sneakers do the job? Let’s take a closer look.

Walking or standing on concrete for extended periods of time can lead to a variety of health risks, including foot injuries, chronic pain conditions, and joint problems. This is because concrete is a hard, unforgiving surface that doesn’t offer any cushioning or support for your feet.

In fact, walking on concrete can cause serious damage to your feet, legs, and joints. For example, the constant impact of walking on concrete can strain your feet, joints, and lower limbs, leading to pain and stiffness that can worsen over time. The impact can also lead to stress fractures, shin splints, and other painful injuries.

Additionally, walking on concrete can lead to fatigue and cramping in your feet, which can be very painful and cause you to walk with a limp. Over time, this can lead to muscle imbalances, posture problems, and chronic pain that can be difficult to treat.

According to a study conducted by scientists at Loughborough University, standing for as little as 90 minutes on concrete “caused serious discomfort to the feet, legs and back of the study participants” along with muscle fatigue.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in shoes that are designed specifically for walking on concrete. The right pair of shoes can help to protect your feet from wear and tear, reduce the impact of walking on your joints, and provide the cushioning and support your feet need to stay comfortable throughout the day.

In summary, shoes for walking on concrete can:

  1. Protect your feet from wear and tear: Concrete is a rough and unforgiving surface that can quickly wear down even the toughest of shoes. Investing in shoes that are specifically designed for walking on concrete can help to protect your feet from this type of damage, and keep your shoes in good condition for longer.
  2. Improve your posture: Walking on concrete can put a lot of strain on your lower back, which can lead to poor posture and chronic pain. Shoes that provide ample cushioning and support can help to alleviate this strain, improve your posture, and reduce the risk of long-term back problems.
  3. Stay safe and injury-free: Walking on concrete can increase your risk of falls, slips, and other workplace injuries. Shoes with non-slip soles, good grip, and sturdy construction can help to reduce this risk, and protect you from accidents and injuries that can jeopardize your health and livelihood.

Features of the Best Shoes for Walking or Working on Concrete Floors 

Following are the things you need to consider while buying the best shoes for working on concrete floors or walking all day on concrete to prevent any excessive strain and stress on your feet. 

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Shoes with proper cushioning are important for people who walk on concrete surfaces. The pressure of the ground on the bottom of your feet can cause blisters or calluses. This problem is more common for women than men.

The best way to protect your feet from blisters and calluses is to wear proper shoes with good cushioning. These shoes will keep your feet from being subjected to excessive pressure and will allow them to breathe properly.

Shoes with extra padding on the bottom or a thick sole will give you more support and protection while walking on concrete.

It is to say that the shoe’s midsole area is crucial as it absorbs the shocks and introduces supportive technologies to the shoe. So, it is essential to figure out the quality of your shoe’s midsole. 

So, as a result, buying a high-quality midsole can help in getting rid of the foot’s pain issues. The low-quality midsole can quickly start to flatten, and the flat midsole is ineffective in absorbing and dispersing the shock.

Shock Absorbency 

Walking or standing on concrete floors for extended periods of time can take a toll on your feet, causing pain and discomfort that can impact your entire body. However, investing in shoes with good shock absorbency can make a big difference in your comfort and health.

This shock absorption feature, as a consequence, reduces the ground reaction force to your feet in vertical, anteroposterior, and mediolateral movements. 

Actually, when you take a step on concrete, your feet are subject to three components of the ground reaction force:

  • Vertical: This is the force that occurs when your foot hits the ground, creating an up-and-down motion. The force of your body weight is transmitted through your feet to the ground, creating an impact that can be quite significant on hard surfaces.
  • Anteroposterior: This is the force that occurs when your body weight shifts laterally between the front and back of each foot as it connects with and leaves the ground. This force is essential for the forward motion of walking or running, but it can also create pressure points on your feet and cause pain.
  • Mediolateral: This force occurs when your body weight shifts from side to side while walking or standing. This can create instability and strain on your feet and legs, particularly if you’re carrying heavy loads or working on uneven surfaces.

All of these forces, coupled with your body weight, can lead to significant strain on your feet, causing fatigue, pain, and other problems. Investing in shoes with good shock absorbency can help to reduce or even eliminate the impact of the ground reaction force on your feet, knees and lower back. By reducing pain, discomfort, and risk of injuries, your ability to work effectively and productively will increase.

This shock absorption feature in the shoes for concrete floors is handled by the midsole and footbed of the shoes. EVA foam is the softest foam, which is considered ideal for shock absorption. On the other hand, polyurethane foam is good for both shock absorption and providing support underneath your foot due to its compression-resistant property.


Walking on concrete can be hard on the skin and feet. The surface is hard and the environment is often damp. As a result, foot health can deteriorate. Footwear for concrete floors should be designed to keep feet dry and comfortable.

It is important that the footwear is breathable to ensure that moisture stays away from the skin. This means that the fabric of the shoes needs to allow moisture to escape.

If your shoes are not breathable, they will trap moisture between your skin and your shoes, which will cause you to sweat and become uncomfortable.

So, consider buying breathable shoes for concrete floors i.e. shoes with mesh panels or perforations that allow easy airflow to keep your feet dry and fresh. 

Arch Support 

The medial arch plays a crucial role in providing comfort, shock absorption, and stability when walking on concrete. The arch is a triangular-shaped bone located at the inside of the heel which helps prevent the foot from twisting, preventing injury.

The arch is made up of many bones, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue. These structures form a curved arch that provides support to the foot when standing or walking. The arch supports the entire body while allowing the foot to roll smoothly over the ground. It helps to maintain a natural curve in the foot and allows the foot to absorb shock when walking on surfaces that would otherwise disrupt the natural motion of the foot.

When the arch supports the weight of the body, the tendons and muscles surrounding the arch are relaxed. Without proper support, the foot cannot properly distribute the force through the arch which can eventually result in overuse injuries.

Most importantly, when you are walking or working on hard concrete floors, your plantar fascia (tissues in the arch area of the foot) absorb the shock, due to which it may become overworked. The pain in the plantar fascia leads to severe injury and inflammation. 

A special molded shoe insert is designed to help correct problems with the human foot. Orthotic inserts are made from materials such as EVA foam, polyurethane, or memory foam.

So, wearing shoes that provide more significant arch support can help in aligning the whole of your body while walking on concrete. Also, they will prevent your tissues from stretching to keep you away from the pain. 

Abrasion-resistant Outsole

Walking on a hard surface like concrete wears out your shoes quickly, making them uncomfortable and impractical. This is because concrete is a lot harder than normal surfaces like wood, asphalt, or grass.

Concrete is porous and abrasive. It can cause damage to the surface of the shoe and even cause the shoe to wear out faster than usual. The friction between the sole and the ground creates heat and this causes the rubber on the bottom of your shoes to expand and wear away.

It’s not just the material that makes them durable. The best shoes for walking and standing all day on concrete must be designed in a way that they can withstand the wear and tear of concrete.

When the sole of your shoes for walking on concrete wears down, it makes it harder for your foot to push off the ground. When the rubber wears down, it also creates a rough surface on your foot which can cause blisters. This will make your feet feel sore and this may lead to the formation of calluses.

Shoes with good grip are also recommended if you walk on rough surfaces like concrete. The lesser the shoes slip against concrete surfaces, the lesser will wear and tear.

Best Shoes for Walking and Working on Concrete Floors Reviews

Here are my recommendations for the best shoes for working, standing, and walking on concrete floors.

1. New Balance 626 V2 – Best Work Shoes for Walking and Standing On Concrete All Day

Top Features

  • Best for walking on concrete in wet condition
  • Robust entire leather upper
  • Orthopedic midsole design
  • Highly slip-resistant
  • Available in 6E width for men and 4E width for women

The New Balance 626 V2 is our top pick for walking, working and standing on concrete. Standing and working on concrete floors all day can cause you serious injuries, so you must be careful about your foot apparel, keeping you from falling. Indeed, these shoes from new balance can help you in the matter. 

These New Balance 626 V2 shoes are then incredibly stylish in design and offer you a comfortable fit along with preventing foot fatigue while standing all day. The shoes’ upper is made of 100% durable leather that makes the shoes highly durable and provides an excellent supportive and secure fit to your feet. Furthermore, the tongue is made of textile mesh to allow airflow. This soft mesh material of tongue also offers extreme comfort to your feet at the instep region of the shoes.

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Foremost, the rubber outsole of the shoes is impressive in maintaining the gravity between the feet and the surface; thus, it keeps you from slipping from the floor. the rubber treads are spread all across the bottom of the shoes in a herringbone pattern that offers excellent grip and stability to stand or walk on concrete floors. 

Also, with an ABZORB crash pad under the heel, the shoes are incredibly efficient in compression resistance and extra cushioning. ABZORB is an exclusive material developed by the New Balance brand that features a combination of cushioning like foam and compression-set properties like rubber to deliver stable support underneath your feet. As a result, it maintains the long hour’s comfort to stand all day on the concrete floors.

Lastly, the shoes feature a compression-molded Polyurethane midsole which has an excellent shock-absorbing capacity and is firm enough to provide the support necessary for long hours of standing and walking on concrete floors.

What I Liked

  • Slip-resistant
  • Extremely durable leather material for a supportive fit
  • Excellent cushioning due to Gel and Flytefoam technology
  • Responsive cushioning due to ABZORB crash pad
  • Great support and stability due to PU midsole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Arch support is not so good, you can make it better by placing an orthotic insert
  • The shoes rub on the back of the ankle

To resolve the ankle rubbing issue, you can check my detailed guide on how to stop shoes from rubbing the back of the ankle. I hope after reading this guide, you’ll be able to resolve the ankle support issue of these shoes.

2. ASICS Gel-Cumulus – Best Breathable Shoes for Walking All Day on Concrete

Top Features

  • Lightweight shoes with gel cushioning for comfortable walking experience on concrete
  • Available in extra-wide i.e. 4E width
  • Flytefoam midsole that is more durable and lighter than EVA foam
  • Synthetic mesh upper with leather overlays

Walking on concrete might be irritating when your feet are hurting, as the surface is extremely hard and stiff. For this purpose, you can use these ASICS running shoes, which provide enough cushioning, support, and breathability to allow you to walk on concrete comfortably.

Most importantly, these ASICS shoes are synthetic mesh with leather overlays, and hence, they live a much longer life than other shoes. The synthetic leather overlays also provide a supportive and secure fit to your feet so that your walking gait remains stable while standing on concrete all day. Furthermore, the breathable textile mesh improves the airflow and keeps your feet fully aerated.

Next, they are incredibly lightweight, so they don’t put on your feet any extra pressure while walking or even running all day on the concrete floors. 

Additionally, the shoes come with the removable Ortholite sockliner to manage all the moisture in the shoes as well as to provide a plush feeling with arch support underneath your feet.

ASICS shoes have a softer and more comfortable rubber sole that provides you with a firmer grip and keeps your feet feel comfortable all day. The outsole features an impact guidance line that extends all the way from the toe region to the rearfoot region of the shoes. This guidance line also helps to stabilize your gait to work and stand on concrete floors

outsole of asics shoes for standing all day on concrete

Additionally, the shoes come with advanced FlyteFoam propel technology and SpevaFoam 45 lasting material to make them extremely comfortable for you to wear due to their excellent shock absorption, durability, and impact protection feature.

Lastly, their forefoot and rear-foot gel cushioning system allow your feet to move in any direction quickly without putting on stress & strain on them. As a result, you feel much better even after working for a long. 

What I Liked

  • Great durability
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent cushioning due to Gel and Flytefoam technology
  • Breathability is great
  • Grip of the outsole is good to stand on concrete
  • Removable insole
  • Good arch support
  • Removable insole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Requires break-in period to perfectly adjust to your feet
  • Upper is a bit stiffer

3. Brooks Addiction Walker – Comfortable Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Top Features

  • Diagonal Rollbar technology to prevent overpronation
  • Long-lasting full leather upper
  • A perfect blend of soft and responsive cushioning
  • Great for people having narrow feet

Just like tennis and any other sport, working on concrete floors demands a lot of exertion, which can make your feet hurt badly. So, to avoid this, Brooks Addiction can prove to be the best shoes for standing all day on concrete. If you’ve rigid flat feet, you should surely think about these shoes which are one of the best shoes for people with flat feet to walk or stand on concrete due to their robust support with the optimal amount of cushioning.

Firstly, like New Balance 626, these shoes are also made of highly durable leather for a comfortable and glove-like fit to our feet. Also, the shoes are 100% human-made and more robust, and highly durable to heavy exertions. The leather is stiff enough to securely lock your feet in their place and avoid excessive movements that can exert strain on your ankles.

Furthermore, to provide stability to your standing and walking gait, the shoes feature Diagonal Rollbar System technology that works as a motion controller to offer lateral support to your feet so that they don’t roll inwards due to overpronation. This support system is made from Thermoplastic urethane posts joined by composite plates. in this way, its structure reinforces the rearfoot region of the foot and helps reduce the strain on your legs due to its lateral support.

As far as cushioning is concerned, the midsole of shoes is made of BioMoGo DNA that makes your every step comfortable by intelligently adapting to your speed, weight, and stride. This foam cushioning has great responsiveness and shock-absorption capacity that it doesn’t let you feel the hardness of concrete floors.

Lastly, their slip-resistant existence due to their forefoot MC Pod construction and also the stable, comfortable fit are highly significant in helping you balance your movements and get a comfortable position for your feet. 

What I Liked

  • Great stability and support
  • Excellent durability
  • One of the best shoes for standing all day on concrete due to responsive BioMoGo DNA cushioning
  • Rocker bottom for even weight distribution
  • Good ankle support

What I Didn’t Like

  • Mainly suitable for people with flat feet
  • Not breathable

4. KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool – Best Industrial Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Manufacturers made these Keen Utility Atlanta Cool industrial shoes considering the harsh industrial environment where you have to work all day on the hard concrete floors. Then, the shoes are imported and are of high quality, so they meet all your concrete-floor working needs. They are mainly designed to work on hard concrete floors of construction sites where there is a high risk of dropping heavy objects on your feet.

If you look at the shoes upper, there is a webbing of a durable leather material stitched over the soft mesh upper. The mesh material is responsible for improving breathability, and its softness offers high level of comfort and is sock-like for long hours standing and working on concrete floors. Secondly, the leather webbing makes the upper durable and waterproof to prevent the entry of harmful substances into the shoes.

Additionally, if you feel less satisfied with the footbed, KEEN offers you the option of removing them efficiently without damaging your shoes, and you can put your own orthotic insert to support your foot arch. 

Most importantly, the rubber sole is added for your firmer grip, better bounce back, and comfortable steps on the concrete floors. Also, there is a torsional stability TPU shank that extends from heel to toe in the shoes. It prevents the twisting and bending of the foot while working on concrete floors at construction sites by offering a stable platform underneath your feet. There is a reinforcement of steel in the toe box which protects your feet toes from the impact of heavy objects.

Lastly, the shoes feature the dual-density EVA midsole for lateral support and shock absorption. The advantage of dual-density foam is that it is made of two foams of different densities. The stiffer one is placed on the inner side for lateral support and the softer one is placed on the outside for shock absorption.

What I Liked

  • Best shoes to work on concrete floors at construction sites
  • Excellent stability due to leather upper and TPU shank
  • Great cushioning and support due to dual-density EVA foam midsole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Laces are short
  • Ankle area has little cushioning

5. Dansko XP 2.0 – Shoes to Wear on Hard Concrete Floors

Made exclusively for hard concrete floors in hospitals, food industries, etc. these Dansko XP2.0 clogs are incredibly comfortable even when you wear them for long hours on concrete floors as they help to alleviate stress on your feet caused by high impact.

Firstly, the shoes come with 100% strong and durable polyurethane leather, making them live for a long time. There is padded collar support to lock your heels in their place and support your ankles. With this padded instep collar, the shoes are famous for providing extra comfort when walking or running on concrete floors. The soft, microfabric lining provides excellent comfort to your feet and also keeps them dry,

Moreover, to provide you with extreme comfort, these shoes come with a roomy toe box, which allows you comfortable movements in multiple directions smoothly. 

As compared to their previous version i.e. Dansko Professional Clog, these shoes are lighter in weight as their midsole is made of EVA foam that has the excellent shock-absorption capacity to protect your foot from the strong impact of hard concrete floors. Also, there is a TPU arch stabilizer structural element that is reinforced in the midsole to provide better all-day support for standing on concrete floors and stability to your feet.

Lastly, the Dansko clogs have a slip-resistant outsole that allows you to walk on slippery floors in the workplaces, such as hospitals.

What I Liked

  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Ankle support is also good
  • Lightweight
  • Great cushioning

What I Didn’t Like

  • Requires break-in
  • Upper is a bit Slightly narrow for some people

6. Dr. Comfort Performance – Work Shoes for Concrete Comfort for Men

When you have foot injuries to the extent that your doctor recommends you to wear some comfortable shoes while walking and running on the cement surface in the workplace, these shoes might be the choice you can think of. 

Dr Comfort Performance shoes come with a highly protective toe box that provides your feet extra protection for stubbing of the toes and other toe injuries.  Not only this, but their no-tie elastic lace closure saves much of your time and energy. When wearing or taking off the shoes, you don’t need to tackle the tying and untying issues, so they become n easy to wear when you are in a hurry. 

Moreover, they are lightweight and come with an arch stabilizer to offer you better support and comfort during standing all day on concrete floors.

Furthermore, the shoes’ seamless design helps prevent skin irritation, making you feel drained during your work hours. 

Also, the breathable mesh upper of the shoes efficiently regulates the heat and keeps your feet extraordinarily cool and dry for an extended period. 

Lastly, the shoes have a durable outsole with shock-absorbing rubber pads that protect your feet from impact and offer a nice grip on concrete floors. There are flex grooves in the forefoot region of the outsole that enhances mobility, stabilize your standing gait, and allow a greater range of motion.

What I Liked

  • Great comfort and arch support
  • Breathable
  • Prevent skin irritation due to seamless design
  • Nicely fit
  • Deeper toe box, which is good for people with bunion or hammertoes

What I Didn’t Like

  • The design of the shoes is a bit off
  • Quality of mesh fabric is not so good

7. Rockport Men’s Chranson – Work Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day

Being a man, when you have to work all day on the hard cemented floors, you get tired, and your personal life gets affected too. What you can do is consider wearing these Rockport Chranson shoes for extreme comfort even in the long work hours on concrete floors. Most importantly, the shoes are trendy for their shock-absorption feature that is great in helping your feet get long-lasting cushioning and comfort in the heel area. 

The shoes feature 100% leather material that adds greater strength to the structure and makes the shoes long-living and durable. There is a bit touch of soft mesh fabric lining on the tongue and heel so that it does not rub against your feet and cause blisters.

Also, the rubber outsole of these shoes makes them even stronger to bear changing harsh outer conditions.

If you have a closer look at the outsole, there is a concentration of thick rubber pods on the ball of foot and rearfoot region. These reasons are the most sensitive areas where the high impact of concrete surface can cause intense foot problems like plantar fasciitis and ball of foot pain. So, the concentration of rubber pods in these regions will provide sufficient shock absorption to protect your foot from such issues. Rockport has defined this technology as trutech system.

Lastly, leather material upper provides your feet with the natural comfort which you desire to have during the tiring work hours on the site. Also, these shoes come with an exclusively soft and breathable interior to make your every step relaxed and confident. 

What I Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Soft interior
  • Good cushioning and support
  • Very durable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Suitable for people with fallen arches
  • Do not breathe well

8. Dansko Emma – Women’s Work Shoes for Concrete Floors 

For the softer and delicate skin of the women’s feet, these Dansko Emma shoes are just a perfect fit to keep them protected and comfortable for extended working hours. These shoes allow you to embrace your casual style and keep you highly comfortable in their long duty hours while standing on concrete floors.

The shoes also have a durable leather upper with a smooth and soft nylon lining that makes the shoes highly comfortable for your feet. They have really a nice lace-up closure for a comfortable and customized fit based on your foot’s shape.

Furthermore, the durable and slip-resistant outsole has pebbles-shaped treads due to which the outsole provides excellent stability in the movements and enables you to move with firmer grips to the ground. 

Lastly, they have a shock-absorbent compression-molded EVA midsole to absorb the impact and provide cushioning underneath your feet. The midsole features a deep heel cup that securely locks your feet and avoids lateral movement.

What I Liked

  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Easy lace-up closure
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Good cushioning and support

What I Didn’t Like

  • Little flexibility
  • Arch support is not up to the mark; you can make it better by placing orthotic inserts

9. Dunham Men’s Windsor – Durable Shoes for Standing All Day on Concrete for Long Hours

Dunham’s shoes are most popular among the concrete floor workers community, and they prefer them using over the other shoes that do not provide much comfort for long hours. These shoes are available in extended sizes and widths so you can easily find the size of your choice that can perfectly fit your feet.

These shoes have 100% seam-sealed waterproof leather material upper which keeps your feet nice and dry and adds a more wonderful life and strength to the shoes. 

With the heel measuring up to 1.5-inches in height, the shoes give you an additional height and provide you with better support for super-fast movements. 

The midsole is gonna be very shock-absorbing since it is made of injection-molded EVA foam. The injection-molded midsole (IMEVA) is less expensive as compared to the compression-molded midsole and has better cushioning and responsiveness. But the downside of IMEVA is that it tends to ‘crease’ quicker, and compression lines appear on the midsole sidewalls after some time.

Also, in the midsole, a nylon stability shank is embedded to maintain your standing and walking gait on hard concrete floors. Actually, when you stand for a long time on hard floors, you start losing your standing posture, and are not able to control your feet to keep you upright. Here, the stability shank plays the role of providing stability to your feet.

Lastly, with their rubber outsole, you get a firmer grip over the surface and gain more outstanding support when walking or standing on the hard cemented floors all day. 

What I Liked

  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Durable and waterproof leather upper
  • Available in a wide range of widths and sizes
  • Great cushioning and stability

What I Didn’t Like

  • Stiff leather for tongue

10. Dr Comfort Stallion Men’s – Walking Shoes for Being on Concrete All Day

Above all, these dress shoes by Dr.Comfort are incredibly comfortable for walking or running for extended hours during work. So, when you consider wearing these shoes by Dr. Comfort, know that you are wearing the most comfortable outfit for your feet in the market. 

These shoes are lightweight and come with the moccasin-style lace-up front to make the wearing and taking-off process effortless. Moccasin-style of these shoes fits comfortably on your foot. They are cut away at the back of the heel and at the ankle to allow you greater freedom of movement.

Also, the leather uppers are breathable to keep your feet in a drier and fresher environment. Also, this beautiful soft leather upper delivers a sensual feeling of luxury and style which is the secret to luxurious comfort in these shoes. Moreover, the comfortable fit supported by the leather upper provides an excellent all-day-long working and walking experience on hard concrete or cement floors.

The shoes are designed to give ultimate cushioning from heel-strike to toe-off. It provides maximum shock absorption and support due to polyethylene cushioning that

Further, these shoes are made with an impressively supportive and removable insole to provide you with a supporting polyurethane layer in the heel and the forefeet area.

Additionally, with their highly protective toe-box, the shoes have become famous for keeping the feet safer from any worksite injuries. 

Lastly, their oil and the slip-resistant outsole are protective in keeping you away from all the injuries you might get from slipping on the floors. 

What I Liked

  • Highly durable and breathable leather
  • High arch support
  • Great polyethylene cushioning

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some people have faced sizing issues

11. Reebok Cushion 2.0  – Durable Work Shoes for Walking and Standing on Cement Floors

Most importantly, these shoes come with some great features which are enormously beneficial as your feet’ pain remedy. For instance, you can wear these shoes for having a better grip and cushioning on the cement floor. 

Most part of these Reebok Cushion 2.0 shoes comes with 100% leather material to provide a supportive and long-lasting fit. Also, there’s a soft and breathable textile meshing on the tongue, and some area of the heel counter which exactly faces the ankles, The soft meshing gives a plush feel and comfortable fit which is necessary for standing all day on hard concrete floors.

With their firm rubber sole, the shoes are pretty impressive in providing a more robust, comfortable, and firmer grip. There are flex grooves in the forefoot region to allow flexibility. In some areas, the rubber treads are arranged in a wavy pattern, while in critical areas like the heel and center of the forefoot region, there are small circular lugs of rubber pods for shock absorption and optimal traction.

They come with highly durable and lightweight material that prevents the shoes from putting on extra pressure on your feet while walking or running. 

These shoes are famous for their efficient foot support provided by the EVA midsole and memory foam insole. Furthermore, the shoes also feature Dmx ride technology, which is characterized by air pocket cushioning between the midsole and outsole to enhance responsiveness and prevent your foot from getting pressurized from the hardness of the concrete surface.

Finally, the high-abrasion rubber outsole is great for working on abrasive concrete floors due to its excellent durability.

What I Liked

  • Excellent cushioning and responsiveness
  • Durable leather upper with soft and comfortable mesh
  • Nice stability

What I Didn’t Like

  • Arch support is less
  • Sole is a bit hard

12. Saucony Grid Omni Walker – Supportive Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Following are some of the great features of these shoes for which they have become the most recommended to wear for walking on concrete floors. 

These Saucony Grid Omni Walker shoes have a 100% high-quality full-grain leather material that keeps them strong for a more extended period. Like Rockport shoes, the tongue and a part of the heel collar are layered with a soft mesh fabric to avoid blisters and rubbing. Comparatively, I liked the tongue design of these shoes which is more cushioned and offers more coverage, thereby providing enhanced comfort and relaxation in the feet area. 

The shoes are also equipped with a compression-molded EVA midsole that diminishes the effect of excessive pronation by providing cushioning and stability. The midsole has a relatively higher density due to which it prevents your ankles from rolling inwards which often happens when you stand for long hours on hard surfaces like concrete.

Also, their grid cushioning unit in the rearfoot region provides a stabilized and elastic platform underneath your heel to provide extra cushioning and support. It consists of interwoven thermoplastic strands that bend to the shape of the heel which centers the impact in one area, while the midsole compresses, thus providing cushioning and lateral support.

Furthermore, their Walk-Trac patented outsole adds durability and strength to the shoes due to its carbon rubber compound material which ensures traction and lasting protection. The walk trac lines from midfoot to the forefoot region will ensure a smooth and stabilized walking cycle on concrete floors. Furthermore, the flexed grooves in the forefoot will ensure that your foot movement is not hindered.

What I Liked

  • Well-constructed and durable design
  • Great cushioning
  • Comfortable interior

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for jerks
  • Lack breathability

13. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Shoes for Working on Concrete Floors

When you want the best pair of shoes for working all day at the site, these work shoes by sketchers make your job easier. 

Firstly, they are made 100% synthetic to live long and strong to support your quick heavy movements on the concrete floors.  The shoes also have an extraordinarily comfortable and cushioning padded tongue and collar, which keep your feet relaxed at the ankle area

Their soft fabric shoe lining with perfect shock absorption ability is famous for keeping your feet at extreme comfort and away from hurting.  

The shoes feature a removable memory foam insert which easily molds your foot shape as soon as it is pressed. Furthermore, it provides excellent support by alleviating the effect of impact from jard concrete floors.

Moreover, the herringbone tread pattern on the outsole makes it easier for you to have a smoother, firmer grip on the ground while you move. Also, the OSHA-complaint nitrile rubber material adds durability and strength to the shoes. 

What I Liked

  • Perfect fit for all sizes
  • Best for tender feet
  • Incredibly comfortable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Difficult to break-in

14. Adidas Terrex Hiking Shoes – Lightweight shoes for Working and Walking on Concrete Floors 

As hiking shoes are powerful enough to bear rough wear and tear in outdoor conditions, Adidas Terrex hiking shoes are just perfect if you use them for walking on the cemented floor while working. These shoes are comfortable for all feet size and are just right in providing you with a regular, relaxed fit. 

Additionally, these come with a bungee easy lace closure feature that saves you time putting them on and off while you are in a hurry for work. 

Most importantly, these shoes have a solid and rigid rubber sole with thick lugs for excellent traction on uneven concrete surfaces. The outsole has a tapered shape that keeps your foot adhered to the concrete floor without feeling excessive pressure on your foot joints. On the rearfoot region, there are diagonal treads that extend slightly upwards to bear the jerk of accidental bumps.

EVA midsole of these shoes provides you with excellent cushioning and underfoot comfort without adding weight to the shoes. The rearfoot part of the shoes is nicely cupped which offers an excellent secure fit to your feet.

Also, its shaft measures approximately an ankle-high from the arch to keep your ankle in the proper posture. 

Lastly, the upper of the shoes has a Nylon ripstop that makes your feet aerated and provides them with good breathability. There are also TPU overlays in the form of webbing that is responsible for improving the structural integrity of the shoes, and offering a secure fit to your feet.

What I Liked

  • Easy lace-up closure
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great traction

What I Didn’t Like

  • Lack lateral support on uneven surfaces

15. Reebok Cushion Safety Toe Athletic – Factory Work Shoes for Concrete Comfort

This is to say that factory workers take great care in maintaining their physical health, including their foot comfort, so the shoes like these are made to provide them with premium comfort. You can use these shoes for your working purposes, especially when you are on concrete floors.

The Reebok Cushion Safety Toe Athletic Shoes have a mesh upper with 100% synthetic leather overlays in key areas that makes the shoes more robust and durable to support all your work needs. The breathable mesh of the shoes helps to keep your feet aerated and free from sweat when you are on your duty. Moreover, the shoes feature an alloy safety toe that is lightweight and offers a strong impact resistance that makes them safety shoes in a true sense.

The shoes’ sole is synthetic and engineered with flex grooves that make these shoes reliable enough to keep your quick movements and provide you with a better grip over the floor. 

Also, the midsole of shoes is made of Sublite EVA foam that keeps them extremely lightweight and offers a lot of added shock absorption. Studies have shown that standing 5 hours a day contributes to excessive fatigue in lower limbs that irritates sciatica nerves. The condition becomes dreadful when you stand on hard concrete floors in a hazardous factory environment. The cushioned midsole of these shoes emerges as a blessing that absorbs the shock and protects your feet from solid impact.

A removable EVA cushion insert makes it easier for you to remove it if you are not feeling comfortable while wearing it. 

Lastly, the outsole of these shoes is pretty much flexible, but I didn’t find them not suitable for rugged terrains as the outsole does not feature deeper lugs.

What I Liked

  • Comfortable toe and ankle area
  • Flexible design with high-quality upper
  • Great cushioning

What I Didn’t Like

  • Arch support is not good; you can make it better by placing an orthotic insert
  • Not suitable to wear on rough terrains

16. Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-on – Shoes for Premium Comfort on Hard Concrete Floors

Slipping on concrete floors is one of the main reasons working men and women are looking for some good quality shoes free of introducing any such hazards. So, if you are also looking for these shoes, Merrell Jungle Moc shoes can be the choice. 

Foremost, these shoes are made with high-grade 100% suede leather that keeps them strong enough to bear challenging outdoor conditions; jerks and smashing. The slip-on design with a pull tab collar allows you to easily put on/off your shoes. Furthermore, they offer a flexible fit due to dual elastic gorings.

Additionally, the rubber sole of the boots is why you get a better grip and effective bounce back for effective movements. There are thick rubber lugs that provide great traction on rough concrete terrains and are also responsible for absorbing the shock.

Furthermore, their M Select Fresh odor-prevention treatment keeps your feet feeling fresh and free of any smell even when you are working for long hours a day wearing these shoes.

Lastly, they feature a compression-molded EVA midsole that would help you to stand all day on concrete floors by protecting your feet from strong impact and pressure.

What I Liked

  • Padded heel collar for extreme comfort
  • Slip-on design with elastic gorings for easy on/off
  • Great cushioning due to EVA midsole
  • Nice traction due to thick rubber lugs on the outsole

What I Didn’t Like

  • Don’t breathe well

17. Timberland Pro Powertrain – Durable and Long-living Safety Shoes for Cement Floors 

Often, it would help if you had shoes that, along with providing you premium comfort, live with you for a more extended period so that you don’t have to spend money over and over again. The shoes are made intentionally for cement construction, so they are highly reliable in their performance. 

Foremost, these are 100% nylon-braided shoes that are damage-proof and hence live with you for longer.  Additionally, the shoes come with an alloy safety toe shape that keeps your tow area in the correct posture and extreme comfort.

Furthermore, the rubber outsole of the shoes is built exclusively with built-in Anti-Fatigue Technology that never lets your feet feel tired or discomfort even when working or standing on hard floors for long hours. Moreover, there are projections of rubber treads sideways to enhance the stability and maintain your standing gait on the concrete floors.

If you want to buy these great shoes to protect your feet from the hard impact of concrete floors, you check my Timberland boots sizing guide in which I have presented Timberland sizing charts with some examples of Timberland boots.

What I Liked

  • Great factory shoes due to alloy safety toe
  • Flexible design to enhance mobility
  • Nice breathability due to nylon mesh
  • Durable outsole with anti-fatigue technology for impact absorption

What I Didn’t Like

  • Heel rubs with the collar of the shoe
  • Moderate arch support

Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete Comparison Table




ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 21

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 21

  • Extremely durable

  • Comfortable cushioning

  • Best for concrete floors

New Balance Men's Slip Resistant

New Balance Women's Slip Resistant

  • Slip resistant

  • Durable leather material

  • Waterproof

Brooks Men's Walker

Brooks Women's Walker

  • Meta-Rocker technology

  • EVA midsole

KEEN Utility Men's

KEEN Utility Women's

  • Long-lasting

  • Comfortable grip

  • Premium-quality sole

Dansko Men's

Dansko Women's

  • Stretchable

  • Run longer

  • Rubber sole 

Dr. Comfort Performance Men's 

  • Breathable 

  • Comfortable 

  • Prevent the skin irritation 

Rockport Men's Chranson Walking Shoe

  • Lightweight 

  • Softer interior 

  • Breathable 

Dansko Women's Work Boots

  • Firmer steps 

  • Easy lace-up closure 

  • Comfortable wearing 

Dunham Men's Shoes

  • Slip-resistant 

  • Synthetic outsole

  • 100% leather material 

Comfort Men's Dress Shoes

  • Removable footbed

  • Supportive insole 

  • Durable leather material

Reebok Men's Shoe

Reebok Women's Shoe

  • Rubber sole

  • Comfortable fit 

  • 100% Synthetic 

Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walker

Saucony Women's ProGrid

  • Ultra-Durable

  • Synthetic

  • Reliable performance

Skechers for Work Men's

  • Perfect fit for all size 

  • Best for tender feet 

  • Incredibly comfortable 

Addidas Men's Terrex

Addidas Women's Terrex

  • Easy lace-closure

  • Comfortable fit 

  • Rubber sole

Reebok Men's Sublite

Reebok Women's Sublite  

  • Comfortable for toe and ankle area 

  • Strongly built

  • Provide a better grip 

Merell Men's Shoes

Merell Women's Shoes

  • 100% suede leather

  • Strong 

  • Durable 

Timberland Men's Powertrain

Timberland Women's Powertrain

  • Great for hard cemented floors

  • Ultra-durable 

  • Dual-density outsole 

Final Thoughts about the Best Shoes for Walking and Working on Concrete Floors

All the best shoes for working and walking all day on concrete floors mentioned in our list are great for workers, everyday walkers, and for those who stand on hard concrete floors all day. So, we suggest you have a deeper look at each of them and consider buying the one that most closely relates to your work environment. 

Best Shoes for Walking and Working on Concrete Floors (FAQs)

What are the best shoes for working on concrete floors?

Most importantly, the best shoes for working on concrete floors offer more excellent cushioning, greater comfort, breathability, shock absorbency, and better support for long hours of walking/working.

Why do my feet hurt when I walk on concrete?

As you know, concrete is a hard surface that your feet cannot bear to walk upon for a more extended period. Therefore, your feet get hurt often when you are wearing shoes that do not provide enough cushioning, comfort, and support to your shoes.

The hardness of concrete exerts a direct impact on your feet’s muscles, due to which your feet may become sore and can also damage your sciatica nerves. So, it is highly recommended to wear shoes with good arch support, proper fit, and cushioning for walking on concrete.

How do I stop my feet from hurting when I walk all day on concrete?

Most often, the pain you experience when walking on hard surfaces is caused by overuse. When you’re walking around all day, your feet need to be rested and cushioned. The right kind of shoes can prevent foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

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